Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Book of Mormon is blue, but it's meant to be read"‏

Yokwe! It feels like I just emailed you all on Wednesday . . . wait.

The last four days have been pretty great! A few highlights from my week:

Yes our power finally came back on
Yes it's still freezing up here

Sister Sonasi tried to throw me under the bus at a member's house by volunteering me to sing for an old lady. I was having none of that, so I made her sing with me and . . . it was pathetic. We all felt awkward and I made the mistake of looking at Sister Sonasi during the song which made me start laughing, which made her forget the words. So we both just stopped and promised that we would send the classically trained elder serving in our ward over to sing. And then we left.

We also had a cool experience with a member this week! We went to an appointment, but it ended up falling through. As we were walking back to our car there was a guy outside that we talked to briefly and shared the gospel with. When we were driving Sister Coleman home she started asking questions about how she could do that in a normal conversation during her day, we practiced some ways with her, and then when we were passing through security with her to drop her off at home, she talked to the security guard and gave him a card! It was awesome! The coolest part of that whole thing was that missionaries had stopped by his house a couple of times in Tacoma.

We stopped at a bus stop while contacting to talk to the people there (bus stops are my favorite because people can't leave). Sister Sonasi talked to a really nice and prepared kid from Guam, while I got a person who is Seventh-day Adventist, and yelled at me for going to church on Sundays and being white. Fortunately, Sister Sonasi was able to pull the "I'm colored and a mormon" card and got that guy to be quiet. And that is why we have companions on missions.

We also had a ward talent show and they made all the missionaries sing. Fortunately there are eight full-time missionaries in Clark Lake so you couldn't really hear any specific person, but they still haven't learned apparently that we don't sing. Maybe next time.

I made it to 18 months! To celebrate we did missionary work.

We had the usual meetings and church, but this Sunday I went to my last mission devotional. Which is crazy! I feel like it was just last month that I was going to my first one. Time flies.

I've got to get running though, places to go and people to see during my limited time left here in Washington. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Bar lo yuk!
Sis VerHoef


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