Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Only in Washington could they make getting a cup of coffee something sexy"‏

Jordyn's weekly letter
September 2, 2014 
Serving in Kent, Washington
Companion; Sister Keele

This is her mother speaking...I can't for the life of me...figure out where she comes up with her titles to her letters...maybe some day she will tell us. 

First of all, can anyone else believe that it's already September?? But but--2014 just started! There is absolutely no way I only have 3 months left. 

I may cry. 

*clears throat* moving on.
So my family requested more info about my area:

Clark Lake is a great ward! They're really missionary minded, and the ward boundaries cover some ghetto-ish places so it's pretty fun as a missionary. It's really long and skinny and is kind of shaped like a hat.

Highlights of this week include:

-I made a cat meow when I knocked on a door this week

-Sister Keele turned 21 on Saturday and got a giraffe cake from one of our investigators. It was tres leches cake. muy bueno.

-I'm pretty sure a less-active family that we're working with thinks I'm married

-I learned how to sing head shoulders knees and toes in marshallese this week from one of our investigators. After our lesson was finished she went, "Okay! Now we sing it together!" So we did.

-Sister Eaton came out with us! Our area probably freaked her out though. We had a member lesson and then headed down the hill to go and contact a referral. Since we share this area with Elders we get all the female investigators/referrals so we went to go and contact someone named Cynthia. As she opened up the door we all quickly realized that she was not born a she, and is either dressing up as a girl or has had a surgery. . .

Ha ha ha ha ha! Of course we have our mission president's wife with us when we finally get in contact with her! Sister Eaton looked so shocked on the doorstep but the los angeles came out in sister keele so she jumped right on it and we were able to save ourselves from being super awkward. #blessings

-We have this amazing member in our ward named Brother Johansen. He's essentially home-bound and only ever leaves the house to go to church. His daughter takes care of him full-time, and he has a caregiver come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help her out so she can have a break. She is literally the only nonmember that he comes in contact with, and we taught her last week. Amazing! No one will ever have an excuse to not be a missionary ever again.

Have an awesome week!
Sister VerHoef

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