Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm not even getting transferred and I still have to move apartments. This is bogus!‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 16, 2014 
Serving in: Kent Washington 
Companion:  "We will get the deets next week" 

Sister VerHoef
Kent, Washington
September 2014

I remember way back when Elder Piper came and toured our mission last June. To show how old I am, this was back when I was still in the Tacoma mission. But once upon a time he told an elder who was heading into his last two transfers that the last two transfers of your mission show what kind of life you want to have or something like that. At the time, little greenie sister verhoef thought that day would never, ever come in a million years and now I'm basically in shock. I have 12 weeks left? Those numbers have obviously been reversed. I really have 21 weeks left. No? Ah!!!!! It's time to go ham!! (shoutout to sister dudek)

Sister Keele is getting transferred unfortunately :( But I guess people down in Enumclaw need her more than in Kent. I'm staying, but they're having us move . . . so I still have to pack. I just unpacked 6 weeks ago. And 11 weeks before that. This is bogus. But it'll be fine. On to more important things. 

Sister Keele & Sister VerHoef 

I'm excited to stay! I really like Kent and this ward. I'll give ya all the deets on my new companion next Monday. 

.....Like I said....
I really like Kent!!!
{you have to love Harry Potter to understand this}

This last week together was a fun one! We got to do a lot of service. On Wednesday our zone went to a baseball field and pulled weeds to prep for little league. Claim to fame: We were told that if you check out the "kent little league" facebook page there's a post or a shoutout or something about us. :) share it, like it, do whatever people are doing these days. 
We also had our day of service on Saturday and cleaned up Kentlake high school. More weed pulling and using of the clipper things definitely brought joy to the lives of the missionaries in Kent that day. I'll send the picture to prove it.

Day of Service 
Not the whole district...
just those who stayed to take a picture 

Our ward had an activity on Friday night--we played a bunch of "minute to win it" games. I have to say the highlight was our zone leader trying to shake ping-pong balls out of a kleenex box tied around his waist. 

Bobble Head Competition

That and the bobble head competition. You would think watching 10 people with pedometers on their foreheads seeing how many times they can shake their head up and down in a minute would get boring at some point, but it doesn't. It still cracked Sister Keele and me up the 4th time haha. 

GREATEST THING OF MY LIFE!!! Okay, a little dramatic, but I do have a cool story. So once upon a time in high school I went on a choir tour to Seattle. We did all the touristy things and went to a Thunderbirds game. When I first got to Clark Lake we were driving down the hill to go see someone in an apartment, and we drove by a stadium that looked 

strangely familiar. Yes friends, the Thunderbirds hockey stadium is not only in my mission, it's in my area. I came to my mission a good 3 years before I even knew I was going to come here! Crazy! I definitely was meant to come to Washington. I love it here!

I've gotta get running, but I hope you all have a great week! 
-sis verhoef
p.s. the service picture isn't our whole zone . . . just the people leftover who wanted to take the picture. 

 More pictures that came with her e-mail


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