Monday, July 21, 2014

"I was just gonna have my mom pick my classes" "Are you going to have your mom pick your wife??"‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
July 21, 2014
Serving In: Federal Way, Washington 
Companion: Sister Hanson 

We played capture the flag for FHE last Monday (July 14, 2014)  in our stake center parking lot and the natural man in me kept saying "I will not lose!" so I was running to tag someone and ended up slipping on the gravel/dirt. At first I thought it was just dirt on my leg and then I looked down and saw blood and then two days later we realized that I actually sprained my ankle...

And now I have the saint in me saying "yeah, you lost."
No worries, as of this morning my ankle looks like this:

Sprained ankle July 14, 2014.. Picture taken one week later 

In the words of Sister Creager "it looks so much better! But still really gross. The healing process is never pretty though."

I was told to stay inside for a few hours on Tuesday after zone meeting to elevate it, then we got a brace, and now I'm good to go! Sister Hansen says I walk like a gimp, but I disagree. I was able to walk up and down PAC highway on Saturday talking to people, and we have been so blessed because of it! Because we're in ysa and we find a lot in other missionaries areas, we give out a lot of referrals; but this week we got a ton back! Heavenly Father is the greatest. It was also super hot again this week, which means that there were lots of people outside to talk to, which is the greatest thing ever. Missionary work is the best.
We unfortunately weren't able to get a hold of our investigators, so on the teaching front our week was kind of a bust.

Until Sunday!

We had another fireside and there was a choir, and Mormon messages, and recent converts bearing testimony, and it was great. I was waiting for Sister Dudek when I saw a girl with long black hair walk up by me. I was thinking it was one of the sisters I live with trying to get us to go home until I did a double take and realized that it was Reina! She pulled me to the back of the chapel where I ran into Evelyn, Regina, Raquel, David, and Sister Reine who's back from Samoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a tender mercy. It was kind of like Heavenly Father being like 'hey, you had a rough week and killed your ankle walking that much. Here's your converts to brighten your day.' I also got to see a couple of members from Ridgecrest and have my heart almost explode due to how excited I was.

Life is great, God is good, Love you all.

Sister VerHoef

P.S. to my Family 
Because Dove said SO!! 

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  1. Yikes! That looks like it really hurts, Jordyn. I hope it has gotten better, and that the swelling has subsided. I remember playing capture the flag as a kid as well. Oh how I miss the days when games were that simple. Hahaha! Anyway, it's good that your week has turned out for the better after that. Wishing you all the best! Take care always! :)

    Sandra Walker @ Eric Risk