Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I think my mission theme should be "I'll go where you want me to go" but we should change the words to "I'll stay where you want me to stay" because I never leave. And I love it that way.‏

May 13, 2014 

Transfer Day
Jordyn ins't being transferred 
Federal Way, Washington 
New Companion:  Sister Hansen 

One of the Elders told me not to write you all this week because I just talked to you on Sunday, so . . . don't give me grief for this email. I really have no idea what to say.

Transfers are today (as you know). Sister Goble is peacing out, and my new companion's name is Sister Hansen. I don't know much about her, so you'll get news on that next week when i email . . . if I remember.
Still no car. We're now creeping on a month of Sister VerHoef on bike. Elder Bryant told me it should be done no sooner than Friday. Which means Sister Hansen is in for a little surprise haha. 

Car still in the shop :( 

Sister Goble got her wish and is going to Graham! This morning when she told a guy he went "Who did you make mad and have to get sent down there?!"
She loves the country though and is excited to go there. 
I finished Jesus The Christ! I liked it a lot.

I'm really really sorry, I can't think of anything else to say. I hope you all have an awesome week and I figured out how to get pictures, so I hope you enjoy!

Sister VerHoef

So we got a few pictures today..So fun to see

Making Cafe Rio Green Salad Dressing.....BE IMPRESSED!! 
Anyone who knows Jordyn well, knows she hates to cook and refused to learn while she was at home..she is having to learn the super hard way...without a cookbook :)  Her mom is sending her one now that she has been out a year this week!! 
Sister Goble & Sister VerHoef Post-Luau 

89 year old Sister Bernice Quick
Sister Goble & Sister VerHoef doing a day of service
Notice the chain saw in Bernice's hand..they pulled out a tree stump

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