Monday, May 19, 2014

OnE YeAr MaRk, CaN't BeLiEvE iT

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
May 19, 2014 
Serving in Federal Way, Washington
YSA ward, H
Companion: Sister Hansen

Well, the day I swore would never come came and went this week, 

My year mark. 

I actually didn't think about it for most of the day (because my companion was dying on her bike) but I screamed and had a little freak out once I remembered. I can't believe how fast this past year has gone! I still feel like it was just yesterday that I hugged my family goodbye and had some Sister rush me off with my luggage. People aren't kidding when they say time flies.
Saying Goodbye to my family...May 15, 2013, One Year ago this last week...WOW

And members are just the worst. My least favorite question after "what do you want for dinner when you come over?" is "how long have you been out?" because when you say 10 or 11  or even 11.5 months, their reaction is "oh okay, so you've still got a little while" but the second you say a year it turns into "dude, you're basically dead. just start packing now." and I keep feeling like the guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that they're trying to bury and he's like "I'm not dead yet!"
In all seriousness though, I have gotten a lot of "oh you don't have much longer left!" this week.
it's terrible.
Moving on to happier news, we got our car back! When I told Sister Hansen at transfers that we were on bike she literally screamed, and I found out later it was because she didn't remember how to ride a bike. . .  After a little test drive around our parking lot, and falling over a few times, we were able to bike down to a park to meet up with our appointment.Who didn't show. She was okay for most of that but I think she was ready to kill me when I made her bike 5 miles back (uphill) to go see a less-active, who also wasn't home. [hey! nobody ever said missionary work was easy on your legs!]. So we went to see a potential, who wasn't home, until I finally decided to go and see a recent convert that Sister Choi and I had worked with a lot in the Korean Branch named Monica (they live in our ward boundaries). She's this absolutely adorable little Korean woman, and I would have totally taken a picture with her to show you all if I hadn't been biking and was covered in sweat and my hair was stuck to my head. Anyways, miracle of the week right then, her husband got baptized!!! Patrick! I was so excited! And so mad they didn't invite me to the baptism! It was really cool to see them though, they both seem so much happier now that they have the gospel 100% in their lives.
And Monica told me that she likes me more than the elders just sayin'! 

Just sayin' Sisters are better than Elders!! :)
Sister VerHoef & Sister Hansen 

So we're back on 4 wheels and loving it! We've gotten a lot more work done now that we actually have it back, and are super excited to see what miracles this week has in store for us. 

So a little about Sister Hansen:
age: 22
Hometown: Loveland, Colorado 
Been a member all her life, and has an amazing ability to endure. She's also super blunt and hilarious, so we get along great :) She's not loving YSA yet (sound familiar?) but she's excited for a change. She just came from the Graham ward (where Sis Goble went).
We had another recent convert fireside last night. I helped play the piano again, and I'm gonna play my violin at next months, which is in . .  wait for it . . . Puyallup South!! Wooo!!! I really don't think I can express how excited I am for June 22 to come :)
Love ya all! Hope you have an awesome week
Sister VerHoef

Sister VerHoef & Sister Goble transfer day
May 16, 2014 


All four of these Sisters have been companions
lft to Rght Sister Kartchner, Sister VerHoef,
Sister Dudek & Sister Goble May 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I think my mission theme should be "I'll go where you want me to go" but we should change the words to "I'll stay where you want me to stay" because I never leave. And I love it that way.‏

May 13, 2014 

Transfer Day
Jordyn ins't being transferred 
Federal Way, Washington 
New Companion:  Sister Hansen 

One of the Elders told me not to write you all this week because I just talked to you on Sunday, so . . . don't give me grief for this email. I really have no idea what to say.

Transfers are today (as you know). Sister Goble is peacing out, and my new companion's name is Sister Hansen. I don't know much about her, so you'll get news on that next week when i email . . . if I remember.
Still no car. We're now creeping on a month of Sister VerHoef on bike. Elder Bryant told me it should be done no sooner than Friday. Which means Sister Hansen is in for a little surprise haha. 

Car still in the shop :( 

Sister Goble got her wish and is going to Graham! This morning when she told a guy he went "Who did you make mad and have to get sent down there?!"
She loves the country though and is excited to go there. 
I finished Jesus The Christ! I liked it a lot.

I'm really really sorry, I can't think of anything else to say. I hope you all have an awesome week and I figured out how to get pictures, so I hope you enjoy!

Sister VerHoef

So we got a few pictures today..So fun to see

Making Cafe Rio Green Salad Dressing.....BE IMPRESSED!! 
Anyone who knows Jordyn well, knows she hates to cook and refused to learn while she was at home..she is having to learn the super hard way...without a cookbook :)  Her mom is sending her one now that she has been out a year this week!! 
Sister Goble & Sister VerHoef Post-Luau 

89 year old Sister Bernice Quick
Sister Goble & Sister VerHoef doing a day of service
Notice the chain saw in Bernice's hand..they pulled out a tree stump

Monday, May 5, 2014

89 Year Old Sister Still Doing Yard Work

May 5, 2014
Jordyn's weekly-e-mail 
Serving: Federal Way, Washington 
Companion: Sister Goble 

To be completely honest, I can't believe it's Monday again. I feel like I just wrote about my car crash and just got to Federal Way (in my mind it's still January) . . . and then I realize that this is our third week without a car. . . and I've already been in Federal Way for 4 months  My thoughts? "holy crap!" and also "we need our car back. I don't know how bike missionaries get anything done."

This week was really really fun! We played kickball last week for fhe, and my shoe only flew off once! Woo!

And I've got to throw this in here while YSA was mentioned. I love it here. Seriously, I'm so glad I got put here if only to be entertained by the singles up in Federal Way. A few examples:
-We're in our missionary coordination meeting talking about . . . well, missionary work. Sister Goble mentioned how the Relief Society is struggling from when she was here last and we need to get more of the girls active again and one of the guys in the branch goes "yeah! we need more chicks!" So our branch mission leader turns to us and the relief society president and goes "work with the sisters. It's true, we do need more chicks." Can you smell the desperation?
-We're in gospel principles on Sunday and we were talking about being the Lord's covenant people, and different covenants that we make. Baptism and ones like that had already been listed and one guy raised his hand and goes "Uh, marriage? I mean, we can't avoid the subject forever." Can you smell it now??
-We get all the drama of all the couples. When he's mad at her and she said something to him and he texted this and she told him that . . . on and on until Sister Goble and I walk out of the room with smirks on our faces thinking "Oh ysa. What are we gonna do with you?"

love it.

We got a bus pass a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out. Sister Goble is a pro at the bus, so we were able to figure out how it all works and talked to people that we met on the bus and at the stops. We aren't allowed to actively proselyte there but the gospel came up a lot (the tag kind of gives it away). We also had/heard some really interesting conversations. The top one was definitely when Sister Goble was offered a job as a stripper and the only response she had to say was "no thanks, I'm Mormon" before the lady changed the subject and started talking about what she had experienced with Mormons before.

We did a lot of service this week. I have to say, thank you mom and dad for making me do yard work growing up (betcha never thought I'd say that!) it really came in handy, because there were people who had no clue what they were doing in a yard. We weeded on Wednesday, planted flowers and mowed a less-active's lawn on Thursday, took down wallpaper on Friday, and then later on Friday we mowed another less-actives lawn (on a sitting mower!) and also pulled out a tree stump for/with her (she's 89), and then on Saturday we weeded/mowed again. We were definitely feeling it on Sunday, but it was so worth it for the feeling you get and the look on the people's faces as well.

89 year old Sister Bernice Quick
Sister Goble & Sister VerHoef doing a day of service
Notice the chain saw in Bernice's hand..they pulled out a tree stump

To top off the week the singles branch had a HUGE luau. Like, the pig was huge, and they had a dance company from somewhere in Seattle come and perform. I was really impressed with how many nonmembers and less-actives came. I hate myself for it, but I wasn't able to get any pictures because we were busy running around all night shredding pork (why they had me in the kitchen preparing food is beyond me.), serving drinks, and trying to do a New Zeland ball/rope swing thing. Let's just say, a huge lesson I learned it that I'm white.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!!!!! And to all the moms out there. But mostly mine. I'm excited to talk to you on Sunday :)

Love ya all!

Sister VerHoef