Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My whole mission is proof that God has a sense of humor

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
April 1, 2014 
Transfer Day
Companion: Sister Goble 

White-wash Ridgecrest while training? check.
New mission? check.
Don't know how to speak Korean? check.
Serve in a Korean branch? check.

Dropping Sister Choi off at the mission home
Her mission is completed..South Korea here she come. March 31, 2014 

And now my new area that I'm going to today. You ready for this?

Everyone that knows me knows that I absolutely despise YSA. I hate the movie, I could only survive one sunday there, and I never went to fhe because I thought it was super lame.

Where else would I go other than a YSA ward??

I'm going to a YSA ward.
I am going to YSA.
I'm going to ysa????

Which is funny beceause when Sister Dudek and I were together she would say all the time how she wanted to serve in a ysa ward because she feels like it would be so much fun and every time she said that I was all "psh! I would never want to go ysa."

Heavenly Father is absolutely hilarious!

And get this, my new companion's  Sister Goble who was trained by Sister Dudek and then Sister Kartchner was her companion after. So now all that needs to happen is kartchner and dudek together as companions and then we'll all have this weird switcharoo thing going on throughout our whole missions.

oh man, transfers are always fun.

But honestly I'm excited! I'm nervous! I'm feeling the same way I felt going into the Korean branch! Ah!

So here's what's going on with the branch:
-Sister Choi is officially dead (may she rest in peace) [not literally. just mission-wise]
-I'm leaving (obviously)
-Seattle elders are gonna work here for the next couple of months
-They're both korean but one of them doesn't speak korean. Needless to say, I felt for him
-To quote president eaton "I told Salt Lake that I have a korean unit in my mission and a bunch of white missionaries" so they're gonna be sending more korean missionaries here in the future, and can rotate in and out.

On Sunday the new elders came down with president Choi so that we could give them the run-down of how things work here. I found out the two of them have only been out for 3 and 4 months! One of them said that logically, he was not the one to be picked. Which I really liked. Logically, I wasn't the one to be picked either, but it is definitely for a reason. It was harder to say bye to everyone than I thought it would be, as excited as I am to speak english again.

I've gotta get running though, Transfers await! I promise I'll give more info on what's going on next week once everything isn't as crazy.

Love ya and stuff!

Sister VerHoef

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