Monday, April 28, 2014

Last week sure started off with a bang . . .‏

April 28, 2014 
Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
Serving in: Federal Way, Washington 
Companion: Sister Goble 

ahahahahaha. Oh man. Sometimes, I crack myself up.

But as I'm sure most of you know, yes, I did in fact get in a car accident this week. Here's the story:

We were driving home from FHE (Family Home Evening)  at the stake center and were going through an intersection (my light was green) and an old couple was turning left on a yield on green, timed it wrong, and turned into our car. So we got out (notice how we both walked out just fine) and went to the other car to see if they were alright and they ended up being an 83 year-old Ukrainian couple who spoke no English at all. Fortunately a guy from their church pulled over and was able to translate for them. It was a little embarrassing though because all the YSAs were leaving the stake center, so we got funny looks from all the members as they drove by. Looks like "you missionaries. why'd you crash the car?"

Picture of car accident. 

Not my fault dudes.

So the police came and started doing their thing, our zone leader and an AP came (they were on an exchange) to help us out since Elder Bryant couldn't come, and then we got to stand in the rain for an hour while we waited. I lightly hit my head when we got hit and Sister Goble was worried about me (she thought I was going to die because of it) so she made me tell Elder Bradford, who made me tell Sister Nowlin, who made us go to the hospital. I told Sister Goble if I had to go, then she was getting checked out too. So Elder Cook and Elder Bradford drove us to the hospital in Auburn, we got there around 10:30, and then they left at 11 when the Nowlin's (a senior couple/she's the mission nurse) got there to sit with us. Until 3am.

in the morning.

we were both dying of boredom. and we were the last ones to be seen because we didn't look like we were on our deathbed.

We had Sister Nowlin get out her tablet so that we could watch Mormon messages on Mormon channel to pass the time. And then something cool happened around 2 a guy named Shawn came over and started talking to us, and we had a really good lesson about Jesus Christ with him. He said he would like missionaries to come over and visit him but didn't know his address. Because he wanted it so bad, he looked up his address on Elder Nowlin's computer so that we could get missionaries over there.

I have a firm testimony that God puts people in our path who are ready for the gospel, and puts us in their path as well. We both believe that we were in an accident, and taken to the auburn hospital (when there's one in fedway) so that we could talk to Shawn.

Missionary life is great.

We went back and saw the doctor at 3, and they determined I have "thoractic strain" which I think is a fancy word for "your seatbelt hurt your shoulder when you were jerked forward" and sister goble was diagnosed with "cervical sprain" which we think is a fancy word for "whiplash." So we're fine. She got x-rayed, I got 2 ibuprofen, and we were good to go. We left the hospital at 4:30, and got back to our apartment around 5.

And now that we don't have a car currently, we're on bike. . . and . . . I'm trying to make myself love it. It's definitely brought some interesting stories, and biking in the ran is actually really fun. We did get a bus pass on Saturday too, so we'll be able to use that to do mirror lake stuff while we're in limbo waiting for our car.

We get to bus around federal way!! What could be more entertaining than that?

In other bummer deal news, Mary got antied and has decided baptized. We're giving her some time, because we know that she's felt the Spirit, and she even told us that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. So in a few weeks we'll go back and see what she's willing to do with her testimony.

So just about everything that could have gone wrong this week did. But here's the cool thing about it: I'm okay. We were dropped by Mary about 30 minutes before I had to speak in Hylebos (the stake president was there ps) and my topic was on the fact that the Lord is preparing people to receive the gospel. I wasn't feeling it a few minutes before sacrament started, but it ended up being the perfect thing because I was able to build my faith up, and I'm really excited for this week, and we're expecting some pretty big miracles to happen.

I hope everyone's doing well though and that you all have an amazing week! Love ya!

Sister VerHoef

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