Monday, March 17, 2014

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
March 17, 2014 
Serving: Federal Way 
Korean Branch 
Companion: Sister Choi 

And if you want to know why they stand out, ask the missionaries!

This week was pretty up and down. We had absolutely amazing lessons with some of our investigators, and we also had an investigator literally cuss out of the house. Slightly awkward, but definitely a story. Such is life.

We had zone meeting on Thursday. President and Sister Eaton came to train us for part of it, and we focused on a new way that we're supposed to teach (in and out of the house in 30 minutes), along with some interesting news: we're super duper close to being prohibited from tracting.

Never thought you'd hear that right? Everyone's starting to realize how ineffective it is, and we're really being pushed towards member work because of what we learn in Preach My Gospel "The ideal situation is when members invite others to be taught and are present for the teaching. When members do this, more people are baptized and remain active in the Church." It's been tough to try and help the members here (ya know, because of the whole "I don't speak Korean" thing), but I do have some ideas for what I want to do in my next area that I'm pretty excited for.

Friday night the BYU Idaho collegiate singers came and performed for our stake. We had a lot of members invite their friends because it was non-threatening, but still in the church building and able to feel the Spirit. And it was amazing! Music really is a great way to share your testimony.

Saturday I hit my 10 month mark and almost went into a panic attack. Too fast.

And . . . Sunday was awesome. Every bishopric's nightmare happened during sacrament meeting: the speakers didn't show up haha. To make it even better, it was the high councilmen. So we got to hear testimonies from each of our branch presidency members, and despite my thinking the missionaries were gonna get called up, Sister Choi and I got to sit nice and comfortable. Score!

We also went to the recent convert fireside, and guess who was there?? All of my favorite people in the world, that's who. Brother Reine, Evelyn, Reina, Regina, the Bryans, and Sister Dudek.

The church is true, the book is blue, and being a missionary is the best.
Love ya!
Sister VerHoef

Line of the week: So Sister Choi and I are driving home from Seattle talking about weathermen and how they're never right. We have a mission one online that's actually way good, and Sister Choi said "but that's the only one that works. My mother's knees are a better weatherman than the ones on TV."

Proof that the Sun does shine in Washington sometimes

Proof the Sun Does Shine 

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