Monday, March 10, 2014

"Is this your first time eating dog meat?"‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
March 10, 2014 
Serving in Federal Way, WA
Korean Branch 
Companion: Sister Choi 

So a member took us out for lunch this week and we went to a Korean restaurant with her, her son, and some other sisters from the branch. I don't know what any of the foods are still and Sister Choi knows what I can/can't eat Korean-wise so she ordered for me and I eat whatever doesn't look questionable. Everyone spoke Korean but Sister Garnica's son spoke perfect english and knew a lot of the missionaries that I knew from Tacoma so we talked for most of the time. So I'm eating what I think is beef for the whole meal, when Sister Garnica's son turns to me at the end and goes "So how'd you like your dog meat? Is this your first time eating it?"
I try to hide my reactions about the food here so I [hopefully] didn't outwardly freak out but on the inside I'm going "I just ate dog meat??? I thought I was eating beef!!! Oh my gosh that's disgusting, I think I'm gonna throw up! What do I do?? ahhhhh!!!"
He was joking. I ate beef.
Anyways, we did do missionary work this week too, I promise. We had a good lesson with Kate, she wanted a church tour and really liked what we taught her about the plan of salvation as well.
Gang is doin' good! We finally got in contact with him again and he brought one of his friends to come too. Her name is Sun Mi and she's going through some really hard times, and wanting to learn about the gospel so we're really excited to keep working with her. Updates to come.
Everyone else got sick again unfortunately. So . . . an insight that I was reminded of in my personal study this week!
I was reading Mosiah 24 and this is where Alma and his people are in bondage. I love verse 14. "And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs." I read that and thought "sweet! I won't be able to feel my burden, and it'll just go away. Sounds good." But verse 15 sheds more light on how burdens are eased. "And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease."
It wasn't the situation that changed here, through the enabling power of the Atonement Alma and his people were strengthened to be able to carry their burdens. Which is the same for us today. A lot of the time I'll pray for a burden or trial to just go away, but I receive strength to bear it. I remember Sister Bryan telling us once that all she wanted was a nap and was praying to find the time to be able to take one, and instead she received the strength to be able to function without one.
Which is awesome. One thing I've learned on my mission is how much the Atonement is in my life--not just for sins, but to become better, and to do things that I couldn't do otherwise. Christ is literally with us every step of the way and is always ready to catch us when we fall.
Hope all is going swimmingly (see? that's funny because missionaries can't swim) where 'ere thou art. Peace!
Sister VerHoef

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