Monday, March 3, 2014

A week full of everything I love: tender mercies and rain‏!

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
March 3, 2014 
Serving in Federal Way, Washington 
Korean Branch 
Companion: Sister Choi 

Well Played Dove, Well Played 

So we've all heard the story about the people who go to a foreign mission and after trying to learn the language for forever one day it finally clicks right? That didn't happen to me this week (to be honest it probably won't) BUT, something did click. I learned to read Korean! We were at a recent converts house teaching english and it randomly came together after . . . 8 weeks. I wish I could have taken a picture of Sister Choi and Monica's faces when I read something: pure shock. Like wide-eyes, dropped jaws, probably super close to passing out. Monica helped me to read the ensign in Korean after and was super excited. I have no idea what I'm saying, but I can read/say words! #smallsteps

Tuesday night/Wednesday day I had the best thing of my life happen to me. I went on an exchange . . . to Ridgecrest! Woo! It was great. I felt like Heavenly Father was telling me "hey. you've survived almost 2 months in the korean branch, let's take you home and show that you haven't been forgotten and that your investigators are being taken care of." Which was perfect. I got to see a bunch of people that Sister Dudek and I were working with, plus Sister Wolfe took me to go see Sister Bryan which was like the greatest thing of my life, and I saw a part-member family I had been working with and they're doing so much better health-wise, and I saw Althea who was like "Verhoef! You're back!", and we had dinner with one of my favorite families, and it was just awesome and great and wonderful and every other positive adjective you can think of. I love Ridgecrest.

Funny story, there's a guy that's completely asleep and snoring at the computer across from me at the library. And then he'll wake up and do stuff on the computer for two minutes, then fall asleep for five. I love Federal Way so much :) You see the most interesting people.

Anyways, back to my adventures of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had some good lessons with our investigator Kate this week. We're teaching her english, and she's also super interested in Mormonism which has been great to teach. Granted, I don't say much during lessons, but it's nice to have someone who wants to learn something other than how to properly pronounce "world." She's super awesome, and is dying to find a boyfriend. So . . . be on the lookout.

In Lee is doing good too. Sister Choi taught him while I was on exchanges but when we saw him Friday he told us he had been reading the Book of Mormon! Like, a couple chapters in two days. Our reaction? "We have an investigator who will actually read what we tell him to! Miracle!" We had him in 3 Nephi and he made a joke about the Nephites all dying because they were in the dark for three days and got super scared. We told him that's not exactly why but we still got a good laugh out of it :)

We also had a way good conversation with our WML (ward mission leader)  this week. We were talking about the future and preparation and he said that you need to plan now for where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. He told me that he wants to go on a mission with his wife in 6 years, but doesn't know how to type in Korean, so he's learning now so he can be ready. Which I really like. And then Brother Chung completely flipped it on me and went, "So what kind of husband do you want? What kind of mom do you want to be? What kind of family do you want to have? You need to start preparing now." Which totally freaked me out, but is also totally true. So everyone, I want you to decide where you want to be in 5 years and start working towards it. Today.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister VerHoef

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