Monday, February 24, 2014

Well, Another Skirt Bit the Dust this Week

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
February 24, 2014 
Serving in Federal Way, Washington
Korean Branch 
Companion: Sister Choi 

So when I get home and can't remember anyone's name or what city I'm from, let's just all agree now to blame it on my mission. Because I have completely lost my brain out here, no lie. I'm seriously to the point where when my district leader calls on Sunday night for numbers and asks how our week went my response is usually something along the lines of ". . . I have no idea . . . wait! lemme look at my planner. . . actually nevermind--Sister Choi what did we do this week?" So I'm super afraid that in six months I'm gonna be saying things like "Uh, I think my name is Sister VerHoef. Let me double check my tag. My companion's name? She's lucky I can remember the 'Sister'."

Which is kind of how I'm feeling right now. I honestly cannot remember a single thing we did this week and have been dreading writing this email because of it. But, I do remember one thing. This week was a little bit tough, most of our appointments canceled because everyone got sick and one of our investigators dropped us. Alas. BUT, not to dwell, we did have one pretty cool miracle this week.

On Wednesday we decided to call one of our investigators and see if he wanted to start learning English again, and randomly, he said yes! So we got a quick fellowship and met up with him at the church. Our branch presidency was there having a bishopric meeting (branch presidency meeting? I don't know what they're called) and they came and introduced themselves to Gang (our investigator). We had only done English for about 10 minutes at that point, but after he really opened up to us. Uh, , , so I hear. Sister Choi told me that he talked about all he's going through right now and isn't interested in learning English--he wants something that will help him and his family.

Four words: Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It changes people.

So Sister Choi taught him the Restoration, and I sat and smiled :)
She taught him about the Book of Mormon, and said that if he reads it everyday and prays that he will get help with everything that he's going through. Which by the way, is a promise for everyone. not just Gang, not just nonmembers, every. single. person.

So that was exciting. He wasn't able to make it to church because he got sick (along with everyone else in Washington) but we're meeting with him on Wednesday again and will hopefully get him progressing more.

. . . and that's all I can remember. Sorry! I'll go and have the most exciting week of my life so I can have something to write about next week.

Wait! One more thing. This week when we got lost in downtown Seattle (it's turning into a weekly thing) we drove by Safeco field: Home of the Seattle Mariners! I feel like it would have been more exciting if I liked baseball, but it was still cool to see the field :)

Hope you all have a daebaek week! (look how much my Korean has improved!)

VerHoef Jamenim

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