Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sister VerHoef....The Tribe Has Spoken!!!

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
January 7, 2014
Companion: ??
Serving in: Mt. Rainier South Korean Branch
Federal Way Stake 

After being out on her mission for seven and half months..  Jordyn has had her first transfer.....I am pretty sure she didn't see this one coming...She just may spend the rest of her mission here, we will see what the Lord has in store for her. 

Exactly how I felt when I got my transfer call Sunday night. (aka, my heart was ripped out). The phone call came from Elder Maxwell, "Sister VerHoef, you're leaving your birthplace! Out of zone! We don't know anything else!"

Thank you Elder Maxwell, for ripping my heart out and stomping it on the ground. 

And then Monday morning I got a call from AP Giles telling me where I'm gonna go. Thank goodness I'm not training, but you are all gonna die when you hear where I'm gonna serve. You ready for this? I almost dropped the phone when he told me.

Mt. Rainier South Korean Branch, Federal Way Stake.

Guess I better brush up on my Korean skillz!

Or learn Korean. . .

And I'm super excited! I have a feeling this will be one of the hardest transfers yet, but I'm super pumped to learn Korean! It was interesting. Giles told me when I was talking to him that when President was doing transfers he had Sister Eaton look up my mission application, saw that I put that I was willing to learn a language, and then said that I was the one that needed to go there. So I know that this is the place that the Lord needs me. And as sad as I am to leave Ridgecrest, I'm super pumped for the adventures waiting for me in the Mt. Rainier Branch. 

More details to come though, I'm heading off there later today, so I'll let you know what's up next Monday. 

Sister Dudek is gonna hold the fort down in Ridgecrest for me until I come back. The plan is for me to explore the mission for the next five transfers, then come back in August for my last three. Sister Dudek is gonna stay here for a transfer, go to the Marshalleese Branch for a while, come back for her last transfer in August, and then extend for a couple of weeks so that we can go see the Reine's get sealed. So we're not technically breaking up, we're just taking a break for right now. 

But we're getting back together :)

As for my week, the rest of this is gonna be pretty short. 

Robert got baptized on Tuesday which was amazing to see! He has had missionaries pushed on him for the past 20 years, and finally had his heart softened to be baptized and receive the blessings of the fullness of the gospel. 

Robert's Baptism Tues December 3, 2013
This was Sister VerHoef's last baptism
in Puyallup, Wasington

Wednesday we stopped by an elderly sister's house to see how she was doing, and then we ended up staying there for a while before she offered to take us out to lunch! Haha, so we went to Applebee's with her. 

Then the Critchfield's signed up for us to have dinner with them, and ended up taking us out so we went to some Mexican restaurant across from our apartment! It was super nice to not have to "cook" all day :)

Thursday morning we went to a funeral for Sister Bryan's dad who passed away a couple of days for Christmas. It was a nice service, and really helped me to remember how grateful I am for my knowledge of the plan of salvation. 

Saturday we went to the child of record baptism. One of the members that was getting baptized asked if we would speak while everyone was changing. It didn't end up happening, but we got to see some more members. After that we went to a funeral for someone in Manorhood that passed away. I only went to that one because I was asked to play the piano (like always). We had dinner with the Frink's that night and . . . they took us out! So we got taken out to dinner for the third time this week. I think the restaurant's name was Ram.

Sunday was one of the saddest and happiest days of my life! I had to say bye to the Reine's just in case :( Our church time got pushed back to 1:30 due to the new year, so when we got out at 4:30 it was almost pitch black. Robert got confirmed during sacrament meeting (miracles!), we had dinner with the Crandall's (whom I love!), and then found one more investigator before the night ended. 

And then transfer call came.

So Monday I packed and said bye to members and investigators! Every time I walked out of a house my heart was ripped apart again, but all of the members want to know what's gonna happen while I'm in the Korean Branch, and Sister Dudek and I told them about our plan that we have to come back up here for New Year's (and had like 6 people offer up their home as a place to crash--I love this ward!), so it was mostly a "see you later" goodbye. 

Hope you all have an awesome week! I'll let you know what Federal Way is like on Monday!

Jamaeui VerHoef,
(formerly known as Sister VerHoef)

P.S. Alexis tell your family thanks for the package! I loved it all, and I'm gonna write you back this week hopefully!! 

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