Monday, January 13, 2014

All I want is a fork and a knife, and I keep getting judged on my inability to eat with chopsticks.!!

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
January 13, 2014
Transfer day to Federal Way, Washington 
Companion: Soon to meet

H man, I don't even know how to begin to describe my week!

So, the new comp's name is Sister Choi. Fortunately for me, we get along great, she is from South Korea, and has been out for 16 months (2nd to last transfer!), so she knows the ropes pretty well. We were white-washed into the branch, so we're still trying to figure everything out. We were also white-washed into an Elders area of like 4 years, so the apartment was disgusting and the area book was even worse.

Thanks elders.

But, some cool facts:
-Since Sister Choi was called english-speaking, we get an hour of language study everyday for me to learn some Korean and her to keep working on her English
-Our area boundaries are the Federal Way and Seattle missions (just a tiny bit bigger than Ridgecrest)
-After one week in the branch I can now say: hello, thank you, my name is Sister VerHoef, and can write the letters B, D, G, H, J, K, M, N, O, P, S, and T in Korean.
-No one in the branch can say the letter 'v' or 'r' or 'f' so I'm officially known as Sister Bohoes (pronounced Bo-haws)
-I have inherited my mother's distaste for Asian food. And Koreans love to feed people.

And now on to my week!

We've visited a lot of investigators this week as well as members. It's weird though--I can't pronounce anyone's name! Or participate in any of the conversations! I usually get asked where I'm from, and then everyone talks for a while while I sit and ponder the meaning of life (mostly kidding). But we did teach a girl named Jisu on Sunday. She only speaks Korean so Sister Choi did most of the teaching, but she turned to me and asked me why we should believe in God. To be honest, that question totally threw me off guard, because I can't imagine what it  would be like to not believe in God. So I testified to her why I believe in God, and then Sister Choi translated. I've never been more grateful for the spirit in my life though! I'm so amazed at how it transcends languages and can testify to me even though I have no idea what Sister Choi is actually teaching the people we're talking to.

And Jisu said that if she finds out that there is a God, that she will get baptized on the 25th :) :)

So we went and met the branch president on Wednesday night and when I introduced myself, I got a funny look. About 15 minutes later he turns to me and goes, "I know where I know your name from!" He went on to say that the ward has some sort of Facebook page for a chess club thing or something and then went to it and showed me some people that had liked it.

JoLynn VerHoef
Julie VerHoef
And I don't remember who else. I'm assuming it was mom and dad though.
thanks guys  :)

To top that off, Saturday morning when we went to their chess club, one of the members turned to me and went, "Hey! I know your parents! Well, from Facebook."

And then I was like "oh man" and he was like "don't worry they said you're a good missionary"

So it's nice to know that your parents can still talk you up, even when you're 900 miles away from home :)

We also had a zone meeting on Friday. It was weird not being in the South Hill stake center! But this one was fantastic. We talked about how we can study and plan better, and have it more focused on our investigators.

One of the ways the missionaries find in this branch is through English classes. Everyone tells me that it's super nice that I'm here because everyone wants to learn English from a native speaker. Haha, the thing these people don't know is that I have no idea how to teach English. But what happens is we do 30 minutes of teaching English, and then do 30 minutes of teaching about the gospel. And it's super nice! We actually have quite a few investigators from it.

And last but not least, the tender mercy of the week. I got to church on Sunday and was expecting to just hang out during sacrament meeting, when one of the American husbands went and grabbed me a headset, so I was able to hear it in English! And they started an English Sunday school class too!

Love you all!

Sister VerHoef

I {this is Lori writing} don't know what happen to Jordyn's weekly email dated January 13, 2014.  I will have to find it and post later..Sorry folks. 

Having to Say Goodbye...Companion's no more :( 

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