Monday, December 9, 2013

Proud Mother Moment!

Monday December 9, 2013

This is an e-mail 
Lori got from a member in Puyallup that Jordyn has worked with, I feel it important to share with her mission experience...Words can not express how much this meant to Lori and how proud she is of Jordyn (Sister VerHoef)  

Dear Sister VerHoef:
I'm the Ridgecrest Ward WWMLWM (Wife of the Ward Mission Leader Ward Missionary) and part of my job is to interface with the Sister Missionaries serving in the Ridgecrest Ward.

I LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!!! Absolutely, positively LOVE her! I have been so very blessed to have been able to work with her since I was called to this position in August of this year. She has been so kind and tolerant of my "Green-ness" and I am grateful beyond words for your lovely daughter.

Over these few months she has truly blossomed into a very competent and capable missionary! Her teaching skills have improved exponentially since her first days serving here. She and Sister Dudek taught our Relief Society lesson this Sunday and it truly was one of the best lessons we have had. They were confident, asking questions, listening to the answers, bearing testimony and witnessing the Truths taught like it was second nature!  (that was Sunday Dec 8, 2013) 

Your daughter, although technically the junior companion, usually takes the lead in the lessons, but not in an inappropriate way in the least. This companionship I think is truly ideal. They both are naturally shy but both have very strong testimonies and are doing all they can to do their absolute best in serving their Lord.

I love going with them when they teach! I only wish I could do it more and help provide more opportunities to teach with them.

I want you to know that our Bishop is wonderful and very missionary-minded. He knows it is our (the ward's) responsibility to find and fill the Sister's schedules. We aren't "there" yet in the process that is required to change the natural culture in our ward, but I promise you we are making great efforts to make the changes necessary. Your sweet, wonderful, patient daughter is helping make these changes possible. I am blessed beyond words to be able to serve with them at this great time in the history of the Church!

I am attaching a few pictures of Sister VerHoef. I'm including a picture of Sister Kartchner, her previous companion here in the Ridgecrest Ward. The majority of these pictures were taken when Sister VerHoef & Sister Dudek were over helping me prepare dinner. (she is going to learn how to cook one way or another) 

I hope all is well with you and your family. If there is anything you know of that I or our ward could help in serving your daughter please let me know! If there's something special we could get her for Christmas it would be wonderful as well.

I have 5 daughters, with only 1 daughter really active in the church. I love your daughter as one of my own and in some ways feel closer to her than to some of my disobedient daughters. Thank you for sharing her with us!

Much love,

Sister Diane Bryan

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