Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
Tues November 26, 2013 
Serving in Puyallup, WA 
Companion Sister Dudek 

Big Letter this week...Will she be transferred or not...Puyallup WA, Ridgecrest ward or transferring?? Read on and see what happens! 

I get two reactions whenever I tell a member how long I've been here in Ridgecrest:

1."Oh my goodness! You've been here that long?? Time sure does fly . . ."
2. "You're still here??"

Neither of those reactions really comfort me.
But within the past couple of months I have come to absolutely love and adore the entire ward here, so the thought of leaving completely broke my heart. But everyone was absolutely positive that I was leaving because I've been here six months already.

And the ward started to say peace out to both of us this past week. Sister Dudek and I said the opening/closing prayer in ward council (which hasn't happened in the entire time I've been here), we got called up to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting because there was extra time (hasn't happened since I've been here), we got asked to visit a Sunday school class and talk to the kids there, and a bunch of other things. The whole ward came up to us and said bye after sacrament meeting, and then I was a wreck after that.

Naturally, I was a little stressed out when Elder Popp called me on Sunday night to let me know what was happening. The conversation went as follows.

Me: Hello!
Popp: Who am I talking to?
Me: Sister VerHoef
Popp: Sister VerHoef, how are you feeling right now?
Me: Let's not talk about that, I've been a basket case all day. Just give me my transfer call.
Popp: Sister Dudek will you give us a drum roll?
Popp: Sister Dudek, a drum roll please.
*Sister Dudek starts a drum roll on my desk*
Popp: Sister VerHoef, you will be . . . staying in the Ridgecrest ward!
April Fools! Uh, Thanksgiving fools! I'm staying right here in the wonderful city of Puyallup and partying it up with the Ridgecrest ward for the rest of the year!

Both Sisters are STAYING in RIDGECREST WARD!! 

Fun fact: Most of my 2013 year is gonna be in Puyallup. (Did not see that one coming this time last year)

Sister Dudek is staying too! We're super pumped to be together and in RC. Love it here, love the members, love being a missionary, don't want it to end.

We had a cool miracle this week. On Thursday we had 4 or 5 set appointments with people . . . and every single one of them went through! We got to teach the restoration 3 times, feel the spirit testify to people, and testify ourselves of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

By the way, it's true. Don't have much more to say than that. Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sister VerHoef

Shoutout to:
Mike for having a birthday! 
Everyone that's cooking thanksgiving dinner. I'm grateful I don't have to cook it :)

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