Monday, December 2, 2013


Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
December 2, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, WA 
Companion: Sister Dudek 

I don't think I've laughed as hard on my mission as I did this week. Sister Dudek and I had a nice week full of:
-Bone chilling weather (wind+rain)
-No miles on our car
-Lots of weird people as we knock on doors

Awesome! I love being a missionary for this very reason. Testifying to people in the pouring rain of the truthfulness of the restoration is something that I never saw myself doing, but something that I never ever want to stop doing.

On to my week though.

My Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC! We were basically out of miles on Thursday so we carpooled with some other Sisters in the zone to Auburn and had a mission activity. President split the mission in half, so half went to Federal Way while the cool half of the mission partied it up at the Auburn stake center. There was basketball, volleyball, board games, and some sort of movie going on, and it was really fun! I had a little embarrassing moment when I had what I thought was an elder shaking my hand and after I realized it was President Eaton in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. So I got to watch him play basketball with the elders (and kick most of their butts!) which was really entertaining.

my president's cooler than yours

 Sister VerHoef's district..Puyallup, WA
November 2013

Stephen Giles was there too. It's still weird to see someone from high school up here!

After we got back from Auburn we changed and ran to Thanksgiving dinner at the Owen's. This was most definitely the smallest Thanksgiving I've ever had: Brother and Sister Owen, their four kids, and me and sister Dudek. The food was


Oh my goodness. We had the entire thanksgiving works, and to top it all off: pumpkin cheesecake (aka everything JoLynn hates for dessert).

We went into a little food coma for a few minutes before we weekly planned. Thanksgiving as a missionary=best thing EVER!

So that was fun. Black Friday was interesting to proselyte because everyone was in a turkey coma and didn't want to talk to missionaries.

But Althea did invite us over to have to have a lesson. We taught her more about the gospel, she taught us how to make fried chicken, and we got to eat it.

Althea McDaniel
(an investigator Sister VerHoef & Sister Dudek are teaching)  

Sister VerHoef learning how to cook.
NOTICE she doesn't have the fork in her hand!! 
"It's a win-win-win situation!"

Sister D and I started our own new tradition for the day after thanksgiving. We call it Black "Fry"day


That about sums up the exciting stuff of the week. I wish I could have taken my camera to church and gotten a picture of all the member's faces when they saw Sister Dudek and I still here and together. I think they were mostly surprised to see me there.
 Some of the comments from members:
"You're both still here??" Yes, yes we are.

"You've already been here like 9 months haven't you?" Not quite. Give it two months.

"Let's just keep Sister VerHoef here her whole mission--she's been here long enough already" I agree Brother Bushnell, I agree.

I hope you all have a grand week! Until we meet again.

Sista VerHoef


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