Monday, December 23, 2013

I biffed it in front of a general authority. What'd you do this week?‏

December 16, 2013
Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
Serving in Puyallup, WA 
Companion: Sister Dudek

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Sister Bryan is the ward mission leaders wife
who works with the Sister missionaries 

Sister VerHoef says she knows Santa???
I really wonder about that!! 

Sisters quilting with Sister Diane Bryan...WOW Jordyn!!! 

This week was wonderful! It seems like it flew by, and I can't believe it's already Monday again. 

Tuesday was definitely the highlight of the week. We had a mission tour with Elder Corbridge of the seventy who taught us what the most important thing for us to teach is. But before I get into the spiritual stuff, let me tell my embarrassing moment of the week. 

So since I've admitted that I play the piano, I play the piano at everything. No lie. Every single district meeting, every single zone meeting, every single zone conference, accompany singing families in sacrament meeting, and now mission tour. I also get asked to accompany people for their special musical numbers (meaning Sister Goaslind will get asked to sing and then asks me to play for her). She sang at the mission tour on Tuesday so we decided to meet at the stake center at 8 that morning to run over the song a couple of times. 

She and her companion weren't there when we pulled up so we were gonna wait in our car for a few minutes because it was cold outside (and it snowed!!!! finally!). Of course with our luck, President pulled up in his car right after so we decided to get out and talk to him. Also with our luck, Sister Eaton isn't in the front seat, it's Elder Corbridge. 

To top it all off, as soon as I put my left foot on the ground, I fall flat on my face because of the snow. embarrassing right? The missionary from California is completely fine, but as soon as the one from Utah tries to walk in the snow, she's on the ground.

all i can say is thank you mom and dad, for not naming me grace.

So after President ran over to see if I'm alright we got to meet Elder Corbridge a little earlier than all of the other missionaries! And on the bright side, he'll most likely remember that one missionary that fell flat on her face in front of him (aka, Sister Verhoef). 

After that little episode we went inside and got taught things that totally change the way I do missionary work now. In the briefest way I can say, we learned that the most important thing to teach people is about Jesus Christ and his atonement. Constantly referencing back to it during lessons and teaching it with all of the points. Focusing on how we can become clean through that, and because of that we do other things. It was amazing, and as we implemented that in our teaching later this week, Martha committed to be baptized on January 4th! Happy new year!

On Tuesday we also went to young men's and had an activity about missionary work with the deacons. They were split into companionship's and taught Sister Dudek and me about the priesthood. Seriously one of the funniest nights of my life, but I have to explain it in person because it's not funny over writing. Sorry folks. 

On Friday we had our ward Christmas party which was awesome. I got to slice meat which was exciting. And Sister Dudek and I got our picture taken with Santa! We had a couple of investigators come with members and they seemed to really enjoy it. 

And Saturday we knocked a lot! Got all the best parts of missionary work in this week :)

Meddi Kirijmoj!

Peace on earth,
Sister VerHoef

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