Monday, November 18, 2013

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
November 18, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington
Companion: Sister Dudek

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Sister VerHoef & Sister Dedek walking in the rain in the dark..which is a no, no 

It rained this week! I know, I know, surprised me too. Some members told us that there's a chance of snow happenin' up here in Puyallup, so I'm pretty stoked. 

Anyways, on to the happenin' of the Ridgecrest Sisters (aka the adventures of VerHoef and Dudek):

So I told you about Jennifer and her family last week right? She didn't make it to church, so we texted her on Monday and asked if we could stop by again and meet with her. The response we got was quote "I actually got all my questions answered and need to process and think about what I want to do. Still looking to investigate other churches and keeping all my options open." Not quite the response we were expecting. So, after pondering and praying together, Sister Dudek and I decided three things.

1. Jennifer is looking for a church
2. Sister Dudek and I are trying to use the members better
3. The Wayne family in our ward has been praying for missionary experiences

So we decided to go with this, and have everything come together. We met with Sister Wayne and talked about missionary work, and how to do it boldly but simply, and how it's not scary when we have the Spirit with us. We invited her to talk to Jennifer (she knows her from their kids preschool) and invite her to church this next Sunday. Sister Wayne was super nervous, but texted us after she talked to Jennifer and said quote "It was a natural conversation and it was not hard to ask!"

And Jennifer came to church on Sunday with her kids! I believe with all of my heart that invitations from members are the most powerful ones, and ones that investigators will respond the best too. 

Like I said, we've been trying to figure out how to find better through the members of our ward. President Eaton gave us an awesome idea of simply showing the members how they can share the gospel, and not have it be scary. We've been doing 15 minute visits with families at 8:00 and 8:30 every night, and just talk about what they can do to share the gospel with the people they're already coming in contact with. It's just starting, but we'll let you know how it goes! It's been awesome to see our ward catch the spirit of missionary work a little bit more these past few months (and they've made HUGE progress in the six months I've been here).

We also went on another exchange. Sister Wolfe came out to Ridgecrest with me (I'm telling you, I'm never leaving this area) and we had an awesome day! She's been out for 5 months, but seems like she's been out for a year or longer. She's an awesome missionary, and was able to give us some good ideas for the area. 

That's about all of the exciting stuff (that I can remember). But I had a cool realization last night. 

So we're walking along this street at like 8:00 in the pouring rain. It's pitch black except for the street lights and the cars driving by, and we're both freezing. The family we had an appointment to go see wasn't there, so we trudged through the mud (because there's no sidewalks in our area) back to our car. We're walking back though, and I realized how happy I am. I've felt so much charity and love for everyone recently, and it's blown my mind. I never thought I would love this area this much, the members here so much, and the random people I come in contact with each day. But that's what's cool about a mission. I feel like I have this endless capacity to love, and then also know that it's not a love that's coming from me, it's the Savior's love being manifest through me. Amazing. 

And oh my gosh. I'm probably the worst daughter ever for this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! . . . last week. Hope it was awesome, despite the lack of acknowledgement from your [favorite] daughter. 

Hope you all have an awesome week! 

Sister VerHoef

Shoutouts to:
Jo for personal progress (and keeping it a secret! :)
Julie! Even though I don't think I got the forwarded pictures
Mom for getting my violin out to Washington!!!

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