Monday, October 28, 2013

"The Mornonites are Here!

Jordyn's weekly e-mail & Pictures 
October 28, 2013 
Serving in Puyallup, Washington 
Companion: Sister Dudek 

Entertainment during our weekly planning 

Time for my week I guess. 

We had district meeting on Tuesday and talked about weekly planning, and also did two truths and a lie to get to know the district better. We went over to talk to Martha after and gave her a large print bom so that she can actually read it. We haven't been able to get over there since. Later that night we went and talked to a less-active that we knocked into.
Party Hat for Zone Planning Meeting 

Party Hat for Zone Planning Meeting 

Funny story about that: So when we first met her she told us her name, we completely forgot it, and all we could remember was that she was from Cambodia. Naturally, as we talked about her, she was the Cambodian Lady. Somehow, over the past few times that we visited her, we switched her to the Cantonese lady, don't know how or when. So, when we went over there the other night, we were reminded that she's from Cambodia, and found out that her name is actually Souin (I have no idea how to actually spell it, but it sounds like Sue-in). Success! She told us to come over on Halloween and have a party with her as she hands out candy haha. 

Wednesday we taught some less-actives, Debby and Chris. They're both super sweet ladies, and just need some help getting to church and a stronger testimony. We've been going through the missionary discussions with both of them, and it's been awesome to see them progress and come unto Christ more and more. 

WE FINALLY SAW ALTHEA!!!!!! Prayers are answered!!! We went over and she told us all about her trip to Arizona, and then we went over the Restoration with her again, and tried to focus on the apostasy like President Eaton wants us to. It went well, but we think that she thinks the Mormon church is a "new" church, so we're gonna focus on how it's the same church since the beginning of time. 

Awesome story. So Althea took her Book of Mormon to Arizona with her and had been reading it! That never happens! Anyways, her daughter Samia had been telling her family over and over that the "mornonite sisters" were coming over and reading scriptures with her mom and that her mom made fried chicken for the "mornonite sisters." So now whenever we go over Samia runs to the door and yells, "the mornonites are here!"

I love five year-olds. 

Oh! Althea has already picked out mine and Sister Dudek's husband's! She says it's her goal to have us look at her at the end of our mission, and then say we know who we're gonna marry. Hahaha! 

Sister Dudek has also picked out my husband (a different guy). 

And so has my District Leader (different from both). 

None of them are right. 

Thursday we had our weekly planning party topped off with our mormon party hats that we made to make it more fun to do. It was still boring, but we got some funny pictures!

On Friday and Saturday we knocked all day because we're out of miles. So, we walked everywhere, and we decided that you don't realize how far everything is until you have to walk around your whole area. It was fun though, definitely got some good laughs and stories out of those two days. 

Sunday we had ward council and church and the normal stuff. A family in our ward hosted an open house to get to know the new families in the ward, which means we got to go and talk to the Reine's! Words cannot express how much I love that family. 

I hope you all have an awesome week, and a great Halloween (even you mom)! Sister Dudek and I have a good costume planned, so we'll send you pictures of it for sure next week.

Sister VerHoef

Shoutouts this week go to:
Everyone with a birthday (too much family to remember)
Grams for being a rockstar after surgery!
Amanda and my mom for actually emailing me (guilt tripp!)
Jo for sending me pictures

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