Monday, October 7, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
October 7, 2013
Companion: Sister Dudek 
Serving in Puyallup, Washington

 don't feel like doing the "journal email" home this week, so instead you're gonna get "What Sister VerHoef learned or realized this week." Be prepared for some profound insights into life everyone!

Haha, that was a total lie. I don't have a profound bone in my body. But I did learn quite a lot this week.

I really miss the temple
This insight came about as we were teaching the Reine's on Monday about the temple, and then again as they went to do baptisms in the temple(!) on Tuesday. It totally broke my heart that I couldn't go up with them, but it was a huge tender mercy as well. This is why I'm on a mission. So that families can be united together forever. Amazing.

Every past prophet has known they're going to end in apostasy, and look at everything they did. We know that we won't end in apostasy. Are we working as hard as Alma and Amulek, or Abraham, or Paul? Or are we slacking off because we know we'll have success?
This came about in district meeting on Tuesday. We were talking about how short of a time we have on our missions, and my district leader actually said this. Brought about some interesting conversations and thoughts. 

The world needs the Book of Mormon
I have always been a HUGE advocate of the Book of Mormon because (like many others) that's where my testimony really started. It was after I read it, prayed about it, and received an answer that I really knew the church was true. In addition to the wonderful testimony that you gain from it, it also restores the plain and precious truths that have been lost. For example: I talked with a Jdubb this week. Tried to explain why the fall of Adam and Eve was a good thing, but the only resource I could refer to was the Genesis account. Unfortunately, that only treats the fall as an event, and doesn't discuss the doctrine of the fall like the Book of Mormon does. Which means, if we want to understand things in the bible like the fall, we need the Book of Mormon. Made me realize how grateful I am for the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 

"Always go to the bathroom when your companion does"
Words of wisdom from Sister Dudek

My investigator (Althea) will find me a husband
So Althea came to church last week(!) and during Sunday School was pairing Sister Dudek and me up with people she thought we should marry! Haha, I love her so much. We still haven't figured out exactly who they are, so she's coming back on Sunday to show us who she picked out (a clever way to get someone to church don't you think;). And she's praying for us too! She said the closing prayer the other day and said, "please bless these girls that when they get home from their missions that they will have beautiful husbands waiting for them to make beautiful children with." Thank you Althea. Sister Dudek and I need all the prayers we can get. :) :)

I don't like my interviews cut short
We had interviews with President this week, and mine got cut short because President was running behind. Our WML told us that it was a good thing because it means he's not worried about us, but we also didn't get to get the amount of time that everyone else got, and I was only able to ask him four of my questions. Bummer deal.

The Lord's tender mercies are the best
Just when your hands feel like they're about to fall off from knocking so many doors, when your feet are so tired you think you can't take another step, and you knock on one more door before you go in for the night, you're blessed with a miracle. And her name is Meeca. And she's completely open to learning about the gospel, and wants to come to conference and have her kids go to primary next Sunday. Just when you're ready to give up. 

Best quotes from the sessions that I wrote down:
"faith is always pointed to the future"
"significant but subtle blessings from tithing"
"doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith"
"missionaries cannot do this alone"
"it will take the help of God, and time to polish us for eternal life"
"you won't gain a testimony of tithing if you never fill out a tithing slip"
"you have the primary responsibility for your own conversion"
"you are never too young to learn, you are never too old to change"

If you go over to Althea's house and say you've never had homemade fried chicken, she will make you eat some
So we went over after conference to talk about it, while she was making homemade fried chicken. We were talking about that when I mentioned that I hadn't ever had homemade fried chicken so she gets up, runs to the kitchen, and brings Sister Dudek and me a plate of fried chicken with cornbread and collared greens or something. The chicken was good though! The greens were weird, and the cornbread was awesome. #southernfood

Althea will also freak out if you tell her you have no idea how to cook
So I also told Althea that I have no idea how to cook and she went, "didn't your mom ever make you help her in the kitchen!!" And I kind of didn't say anything (sorry mom), so she said that we're gonna come over to her house, and she's gonna teach us how to cook so that we can make our husbands happy and talk about the gospel while we cook. For those of you who know me, you now know how desperate I am to teach people if I'll do it while cooking. #sacrifice

That's about all for my week! It was a lot of fun, and I love being a missionary. 

Stay classy Federal Way,

Picture that came this week
A cat that won't leave the Sisters alone! Sister VerHoef named him Cain

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