Thursday, September 12, 2013


Well today was one of the best days for Lori (jordyn's mom) she and her family got an e-mail from someone in the Puyallup area with pictures!!! Can you BELIEVE it!! So much fun and even made me cry...I can't even express how happy the e-mail make me and even happier we got pictures and so fun to see Jordyn's district working hard and having fun...LOVE LOVE LOVE MISSIONARIES and all the work they do. The gospel is true.

The following e-mail is what came along with some picture and of course I can only get one to download right once I can figure out what is going on I will down load the rest..Happy reading.

Hi MM's,
 I was a MM once, and loved ANY emails about my missionary. So here you go.
Here in the Puyallup South Stake of the Federal Way mission, we live in an area with mountains, hills and valleys. The valleys with rivers, especially our valley in Puyallup,  go into flood alert almost every year. Our City needs many, many sand bags each year, to help the residents homes to keep from flooding.  The cities supply has been depleted, and they needed more sandbags filled. Your wonderful missionaries did just that, and on one of the hottest days of the year too! Don't worry I made sure they were drinking lots of water. The city even asked that they please come back next week! =) They filled over 800 sandbags yesterday and will do another 1200 next week. Here are some pictures I took, and I promised them I'd to send them to you. I hope it is OK, they gave me your email addresses.
 We so enjoyed spending time with them all. Really a great group of missionaries.
 Elder & Sister Kienholz