Monday, September 9, 2013


E-mail sent to Jordyn fr her sister Jenni 
September 9, 2013

This is a little e-mail Jordyn got from her sister Jenni VerHoef Rich and what her son Gavin Rich said to her this last week...gotta love little children.

Oh of missionaries that are assigned to our ward is from Washington!  Ha ha super small world :).

Oh and PSS.  Gavin said "mom, did you know aunt Jordyn doesn't get to play because she's a narry " ha ha!
Have a fun week and keep being an awesome NARRY!  Aka missionary :)

Jordyn's respons to her e-mail 

Go Washington! I bet he's absolutely dying from the heat down there. . . the members up here were whining when it hit 90 up here this summer :)

Tell Gavin that I'll be sure to play with him when I get home and am not a narry anymore :)

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