Monday, September 30, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 30, 2013
Companion: Sister Dudek
Severing in Puyallup, Washington

So I learned something this week (other than the thousands of spiritual things I learn every week), it rains in Washington. A lot. So much that within 15 minutes of knocking doors the other morning, all of my makeup was completely washed away.

But this was a good week! (I feel like I say that every week, but I really do mean it). On Monday we started the new member lessons with the Reine's and taught about FHE and the Aaronic Priesthood with their home teacher. We also watched the Mormon message from Elder Holland called Sanctify Yourselves, which i HIGHLY recommend. Wonderful. We also got the best referral ever: So we were at dinner and Sister Murray told her son that they need to find people for us to teach. So Parker turned to us and goes, "You should go teach my friend. He knows all of the swear words!" And then he ran outside and pointed to his house. Haha, little kids are the best.

On Tuesday we had district meeting, taught Martha part of the restoration, taught Althea more about the Book of Mormon and read some of it with her, and got another awesome referral. I guess the Manorwood Elders were walking to Walmart on Monday and there were some homeless ladies in the parking lot that recognized them as missionaries. They talked for a little bit, but because that Walmart is in our area, they told us to go see them. We never got in contact though, the car they were living in was always empty unfortunately. 

Let's see, Wednesday we did the usual: trying to see less-actives, try to talk to people in general, none of that worked, so we ended up just knocking. We knocked into this lady and we introduced ourselves and she was like, "yeah, I think I'm a Mormon  I haven't been in a while though." But she invited us back, and we're gonna try to baptize her family. 

On Thursday we did another new member lesson with the Reine's and taught them the plan of salvation. I think I say this about every lesson, but this one is my favorite. I love the fact that we can know where we came from, why we're here on this earth and what we're supposed to be doing, and then where we're gonna go when we die. It doesn't have to be a surprise--God has given is to us plain and simple. 

When we were talking after the lesson Evelyn told me that I'm gonna be a dance when I grow up. Watch out world! 

On Friday we did a lot of things but all the days blend into one and the only thing I can remember that we did for sure was go to our ward talent show, which was super fun. A lot of people played the piano, some families did a skit, a group did something that I'm 95% sure is from the new Despicable Me movie that came out since I've been out so it wasn't funny to me, and then one family got first place in my eyes because of what they did. Get this: 2 guys dressed up as missionaries, singing a Beatles song, changed the words to a missionary parody. Cash. Flow. Money. Seriously the highlight of my night!

Saturday went like this: Althea, Martha, dinner with members, meet with mission leader, dinner before the RS broadcast, Relief Society Broadcast. Absolutely wonderful, love President Monson, can't wait to hear from him on Saturday. 

Sunday was the highlight of my week: Althea came to church! And liked it! Ahhhh! And in Sacrament meeting Wilbur and Roy got ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood! Ahhhhh! Exciting life!

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Stay classy Federal Way,

Jordyn attend the General Women's Conference and ran into a sweet young lady that use to live in our neighborhood when she was fairly young..Her name is Julie Sotutu-Johansson..she is an amazing lady..Lori (Jordyn's mother) served in the primary presidency with her..Julie sang at either Jordyn's baptism or JoLynn's (Lori) can't remember which one at the moment..any way here is the picture that came on facebook..Greatest day ever!! 
Mormon world is really small!! Old neighbor
Julie Sotutu-Johansson!! Sure miss that girl  

Here are more pictures that came today..Jordyn and her companion are so excited for General Conference that they made a chain to count the days..Cute little missionaries..I am sure there mission president just loves those two sisters..So obedient!!  

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