Monday, September 16, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 16, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington 
Companion: Sister Dudek

This week was definitely an interesting one. Not a lot happened investigator-wise, but it was a really busy one and probably one of my favorite's of my mission thus far. 

And here we go:

We didn't have district meeting on Tuesday because we had zone meeting on Friday. Sister Dudek and I tried to see a whole bunch of people in the morning, but no one would open up. We went and did until lunchtime, then tried some more, and then at 2:00 I went on my first exchange! Sister Dudek went out to the Elk Plain ward and Sister Hills came out to Ridgecrest with me (see? I'm forever stuck in Ridgecrest--but I love it here!) We went and tried to see more people but no one would answer (still), so we just decided to go knocking until we had our dinner appointment. We talked to some cool people, got some interesting stories, and then went to dinner, saw some more people, and then came home and planned. Quite the exciting exchange. 

We exchanged back on Wednesday morning because our zone was doing a zone service project of filling up sandbags. It was kind of funny, everyone had a job except for Sister Dudek, Elder Horne, and me so for probably the first hour we just stood around while the people that work there tried to find something for us to do. So I didn't get to fill up any sandbags (mostly because they were super heavy and the elders took over that one) but I did get to tie the big bags together and write "QTY: 48, 9/11/13" on all of the pallets that we filled. I think there was something exceptional about my handwriting or Sista D's and mine bag-tying skillz because they invited us back again this Wednesday to fill up even more bags. Go service! (It's also the only time that we get to wear pants)

Our only investigators are the Reine's, and since we weren't able to meet with them this week we knocked a lot. We decided to make a goal to knock our whole area this transfer. And then we got a voicemail from our zone leaders later in the week encouraging us to knock on every single door in our area before this transfer ends. 

ridgecrest sistas already ahead of ya elder blaney!

We also made some companion goals on Thursday night. Sister Dudek and I want to:
1. Be more bold
2. Connect with people better
3. Follow the spirit better

So on Friday at zone meeting guess what three things we talked about. Go ahead, just guess. 
1. being bold
2. connecting with people
3. following the spirit

Cash. Flow. Money. 

It was awesome though! President came and helped us with a lot of our role plays and then gave an awesome thought at the end about D&C 4. I don't have my notes journal, but you can rest assured that it was amazing and pumped everyone up to do missionary work and be better people. 

And yours truly played the piano! I'm 3/3 in zone meetings, 2/3 in zone conference and 100% at district meetings (I have no idea how many district meetings i've been to now). 

Saturday we had our ward day of service (pants!) so we went to Bradley Lake Park and Sister Dudek and I painted bathrooms with the young women's president! It was fun though; I got to roll and it was a superrr messy roller so I got white paint all over me and my clothes [mom, this is why I need my other sweatshirt]. I actually still have white paint in my hair and it's been . . . two days. I'm starting to feel like It'll never leave since it's still on my arms too. 

And yesterday at church we met up with the Reine's again! We're teaching them tonight at our WMLs house.

That's all folks! Have an awesome week, and the church is true. 


Pictures that came this week. YEAH for pictures..they are worth a million words right 

Day of Service for the City of Puyallup!! GO MISSIONARIES 
Sister Kartchner & Sister VerHoef last goodbye
 Service day..filling sand bags for the community
Transfer Day...Jordyn far lft, Elder...,Elder.., Sister Kartchner
September 2013

Sister Hills Post-Transfers & Jordyn...wearing Jeans?? 
 Going to miss these people..Transfer day..Sister Kartchner is heading to Kent, Washington..she has been my companion since I have been out in the mission field..The elders..??? (mom has not idea who they are) Jordyn will have to fill in.

Sister Jordyn VerHoef & Sister Candice Dudek 
 Above is Jordyn with Sister Hills...Left is Jordyn's new companion...her second compaion..she has been serving two months longer than Jordyn.
Some of the crazy things you will see are here in Washington..half a Jeep mounted on a wall.. GO WASHINGTON
Lamanite on a porch 

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