Monday, September 30, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 30, 2013
Companion: Sister Dudek
Severing in Puyallup, Washington

So I learned something this week (other than the thousands of spiritual things I learn every week), it rains in Washington. A lot. So much that within 15 minutes of knocking doors the other morning, all of my makeup was completely washed away.

But this was a good week! (I feel like I say that every week, but I really do mean it). On Monday we started the new member lessons with the Reine's and taught about FHE and the Aaronic Priesthood with their home teacher. We also watched the Mormon message from Elder Holland called Sanctify Yourselves, which i HIGHLY recommend. Wonderful. We also got the best referral ever: So we were at dinner and Sister Murray told her son that they need to find people for us to teach. So Parker turned to us and goes, "You should go teach my friend. He knows all of the swear words!" And then he ran outside and pointed to his house. Haha, little kids are the best.

On Tuesday we had district meeting, taught Martha part of the restoration, taught Althea more about the Book of Mormon and read some of it with her, and got another awesome referral. I guess the Manorwood Elders were walking to Walmart on Monday and there were some homeless ladies in the parking lot that recognized them as missionaries. They talked for a little bit, but because that Walmart is in our area, they told us to go see them. We never got in contact though, the car they were living in was always empty unfortunately. 

Let's see, Wednesday we did the usual: trying to see less-actives, try to talk to people in general, none of that worked, so we ended up just knocking. We knocked into this lady and we introduced ourselves and she was like, "yeah, I think I'm a Mormon  I haven't been in a while though." But she invited us back, and we're gonna try to baptize her family. 

On Thursday we did another new member lesson with the Reine's and taught them the plan of salvation. I think I say this about every lesson, but this one is my favorite. I love the fact that we can know where we came from, why we're here on this earth and what we're supposed to be doing, and then where we're gonna go when we die. It doesn't have to be a surprise--God has given is to us plain and simple. 

When we were talking after the lesson Evelyn told me that I'm gonna be a dance when I grow up. Watch out world! 

On Friday we did a lot of things but all the days blend into one and the only thing I can remember that we did for sure was go to our ward talent show, which was super fun. A lot of people played the piano, some families did a skit, a group did something that I'm 95% sure is from the new Despicable Me movie that came out since I've been out so it wasn't funny to me, and then one family got first place in my eyes because of what they did. Get this: 2 guys dressed up as missionaries, singing a Beatles song, changed the words to a missionary parody. Cash. Flow. Money. Seriously the highlight of my night!

Saturday went like this: Althea, Martha, dinner with members, meet with mission leader, dinner before the RS broadcast, Relief Society Broadcast. Absolutely wonderful, love President Monson, can't wait to hear from him on Saturday. 

Sunday was the highlight of my week: Althea came to church! And liked it! Ahhhh! And in Sacrament meeting Wilbur and Roy got ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood! Ahhhhh! Exciting life!

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Stay classy Federal Way,

Jordyn attend the General Women's Conference and ran into a sweet young lady that use to live in our neighborhood when she was fairly young..Her name is Julie Sotutu-Johansson..she is an amazing lady..Lori (Jordyn's mother) served in the primary presidency with her..Julie sang at either Jordyn's baptism or JoLynn's (Lori) can't remember which one at the moment..any way here is the picture that came on facebook..Greatest day ever!! 
Mormon world is really small!! Old neighbor
Julie Sotutu-Johansson!! Sure miss that girl  

Here are more pictures that came today..Jordyn and her companion are so excited for General Conference that they made a chain to count the days..Cute little missionaries..I am sure there mission president just loves those two sisters..So obedient!!  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mormon 9:15-21‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 23, 2013 
Puyallup, Washington 
Companion: Sister Dudek 

There are a number of little e-mails this week...and pictures hope I get it all right!! Here is the first one

So the other night we were driving home and we saw the moon like this and then this little star right next to it and we had been talking about the plan of salvation a lot so when we looked up we were both like, "it's the plan of salvation!" and then we took a picture and love to look at it now. 

This is the weekly e-mail that she shares.. 

This week was absolutely INSANE!!! Sister Dudek and I were talking last night about what happened, and how we were not expecting it at all. Get ready for this whirlwind of a week:

So last Monday we had pday and did various pday activities. Then we taught the Reine's the commandments. Brother Reine struggled a little bit with the word of wisdom but he told us that he was willing to work and try which is all that we ask. Wonderful lesson, strong spirit, cash money. 

Tuesday we had district meeting as usual, then went and taught Althea right after. She's super awesome! She told us that she was church-hopping and gonna keep doing that until she found the one that God wanted her at. 

And two mormon missionaries just happened to knock on her door 2 weeks after she moves here. what a coincidence. :) 

We taught her about the Book of Mormon and committed her to start reading it. We haven't been able to get back to her, but we're working on it.

We also taught Brother and Sister Reine the law of chastity Tuesday night while their kids were at mutual/playing in the back room. It was an awesome lesson once again, and probably the least-awkward loc lesson I've had thus far; which is also a success. 

Wednesday was where everything flew out of our control and I couldn't even figure out what went on until about 12:30 Sunday afternoon. So back story. One of the rules in our mission is that people have to live the word of wisdom for 3 weeks before baptism. Brother reine smoked, so we had pushed their baptism back to September 28th so he could do that. I've continued to learn out here that God has a better plan than I do, and we got a text at 6:33 am saying, "We have a baptism to plan! Interviews Friday evening? 1:00 Saturday?"

surprise baptism!!!

So we had a little freak-out about that because we were so excited, did the zone service sandbag thang again (we filled over 1500 bags today), and taught Martha the plan of salvation all in one day. We couldn't get everyone's schedules together to teach the Reine's unfortunately. 

But Thursday we did! We had weekly planning, went and saw people, and then taught the Reine's the gospel. It went awesome again, and they were all still super excited to get baptized on Saturday! (Sister Dudek and I were still slightly in shock that it was happening). 

Friday we took a stress test, and I think the test actually ended up raising my stress level. Good times. Then we taught Martha again and just read 2 Nephi 31 with her, which went really well! I love that chapter. After we went and saw a less-active family, and then at 6:00 we headed over to the church for the Reine family's baptismal interview. Our DL called in the ZLs because he didn't want to interview for like 3 hours because there were so many people getting baptized (serious problem right?) The interviews went really well! We ended up being there until 8:45 anyway because one of the interviews went really long and we had to do some things. But since Sister Dudek and I had to be there but couldn't interview we got to play dodgeball and basketball with everyone who wasn't being interviewed. 

So everyone passed and Saturday morning we got to the church at 10:30 to start setting everything up, and I got to hear my absolute favorite sound in the world: the baptismal font filling up

It really is the best sound ever. It means that in just a few hours someone is going to make a sacred covenant with God and start themselves on the path to eternal life. 

and for some strange reason I get to be blessed enough to be a part of all of these miracles. :) :)

So we filled the font, set up everything, got everyone dressed in white, took pictures (you're welcome mom), had an awesome baptismal service, and I got to watch six of my favorite people in the entire world take their first steps on the path to eternal life. 

Sunday they were confirmed and it took about 20 minutes :) Our ward starts at 11:30 and we didn't start passing the sacrament until 12:10!! It was an awesome thing to see and experience and especially see a family of eight come into the church. (six of them were baptized, the oldest daughter was already baptized, and the youngest son is only 5)

Moral of the story is Mormon 9:15-21. I've definitely learned this week that God is a God of miracles and if it's His will, it will happen. We have definitely learned to expect miracles out here in Ridgecrest, because they really do happen!

I love you all, and hope you have an awesome week!


Here is the fantastic family Jordyn had the opportunity to bring into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Reine Family Children.. Post Baptism!! 
 This first picture is with the baptism..from let to right Sister VerHoef (Jordyn). Evelyn, Regina, Reina, and Roy  
Sister Dudek & Sister VerHoef (Jordyn) 
six people getting baptized=the most exciting thing on my mission! 
six people getting baptized also=why we're so exhausted :)

Eveline & Sister VerHoef
Both Beautiful ladies!!

  Eveline is the mother of the Reine Family!! Six members were baptized Saturday September 20, 2013!! 

What an exciting time in the Reine Families lives!! 

Sister VerHoef is have much success on her mission..she reported to the MTC (Mission Training Center) May 15, 2013; was there only 12 days then flew out to Tacoma..where her first interview with her mission president she was told that she was going to be reassigned to the new Federal Way mission which will open July 1, 2013..She has been in Puyallup, Washington since she got into the mission field and has loved that area so much..this is where she has had the opportunity to introduce the Gospel to not only one person; a sweet 12 year old girl and activate her mother plus a family of six was baptized. GO MISSIONARY WORK!!  The Lord really is in charge of the work... 

Reine Family with Sister Missionaries
Sister Dudek & Sister VerHoef

Reine Family Baptized Saturday September 20, 2013 

There is a light in these people's eyes and a smile of their faces that only the atonement of Jesus Christ can give. So grateful to be able to be apart of these amazing miracles!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 16, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington 
Companion: Sister Dudek

This week was definitely an interesting one. Not a lot happened investigator-wise, but it was a really busy one and probably one of my favorite's of my mission thus far. 

And here we go:

We didn't have district meeting on Tuesday because we had zone meeting on Friday. Sister Dudek and I tried to see a whole bunch of people in the morning, but no one would open up. We went and did until lunchtime, then tried some more, and then at 2:00 I went on my first exchange! Sister Dudek went out to the Elk Plain ward and Sister Hills came out to Ridgecrest with me (see? I'm forever stuck in Ridgecrest--but I love it here!) We went and tried to see more people but no one would answer (still), so we just decided to go knocking until we had our dinner appointment. We talked to some cool people, got some interesting stories, and then went to dinner, saw some more people, and then came home and planned. Quite the exciting exchange. 

We exchanged back on Wednesday morning because our zone was doing a zone service project of filling up sandbags. It was kind of funny, everyone had a job except for Sister Dudek, Elder Horne, and me so for probably the first hour we just stood around while the people that work there tried to find something for us to do. So I didn't get to fill up any sandbags (mostly because they were super heavy and the elders took over that one) but I did get to tie the big bags together and write "QTY: 48, 9/11/13" on all of the pallets that we filled. I think there was something exceptional about my handwriting or Sista D's and mine bag-tying skillz because they invited us back again this Wednesday to fill up even more bags. Go service! (It's also the only time that we get to wear pants)

Our only investigators are the Reine's, and since we weren't able to meet with them this week we knocked a lot. We decided to make a goal to knock our whole area this transfer. And then we got a voicemail from our zone leaders later in the week encouraging us to knock on every single door in our area before this transfer ends. 

ridgecrest sistas already ahead of ya elder blaney!

We also made some companion goals on Thursday night. Sister Dudek and I want to:
1. Be more bold
2. Connect with people better
3. Follow the spirit better

So on Friday at zone meeting guess what three things we talked about. Go ahead, just guess. 
1. being bold
2. connecting with people
3. following the spirit

Cash. Flow. Money. 

It was awesome though! President came and helped us with a lot of our role plays and then gave an awesome thought at the end about D&C 4. I don't have my notes journal, but you can rest assured that it was amazing and pumped everyone up to do missionary work and be better people. 

And yours truly played the piano! I'm 3/3 in zone meetings, 2/3 in zone conference and 100% at district meetings (I have no idea how many district meetings i've been to now). 

Saturday we had our ward day of service (pants!) so we went to Bradley Lake Park and Sister Dudek and I painted bathrooms with the young women's president! It was fun though; I got to roll and it was a superrr messy roller so I got white paint all over me and my clothes [mom, this is why I need my other sweatshirt]. I actually still have white paint in my hair and it's been . . . two days. I'm starting to feel like It'll never leave since it's still on my arms too. 

And yesterday at church we met up with the Reine's again! We're teaching them tonight at our WMLs house.

That's all folks! Have an awesome week, and the church is true. 


Pictures that came this week. YEAH for pictures..they are worth a million words right 

Day of Service for the City of Puyallup!! GO MISSIONARIES 
Sister Kartchner & Sister VerHoef last goodbye
 Service day..filling sand bags for the community
Transfer Day...Jordyn far lft, Elder...,Elder.., Sister Kartchner
September 2013

Sister Hills Post-Transfers & Jordyn...wearing Jeans?? 
 Going to miss these people..Transfer day..Sister Kartchner is heading to Kent, Washington..she has been my companion since I have been out in the mission field..The elders..??? (mom has not idea who they are) Jordyn will have to fill in.

Sister Jordyn VerHoef & Sister Candice Dudek 
 Above is Jordyn with Sister Hills...Left is Jordyn's new companion...her second compaion..she has been serving two months longer than Jordyn.
Some of the crazy things you will see are here in Washington..half a Jeep mounted on a wall.. GO WASHINGTON
Lamanite on a porch 

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Well today was one of the best days for Lori (jordyn's mom) she and her family got an e-mail from someone in the Puyallup area with pictures!!! Can you BELIEVE it!! So much fun and even made me cry...I can't even express how happy the e-mail make me and even happier we got pictures and so fun to see Jordyn's district working hard and having fun...LOVE LOVE LOVE MISSIONARIES and all the work they do. The gospel is true.

The following e-mail is what came along with some picture and of course I can only get one to download right once I can figure out what is going on I will down load the rest..Happy reading.

Hi MM's,
 I was a MM once, and loved ANY emails about my missionary. So here you go.
Here in the Puyallup South Stake of the Federal Way mission, we live in an area with mountains, hills and valleys. The valleys with rivers, especially our valley in Puyallup,  go into flood alert almost every year. Our City needs many, many sand bags each year, to help the residents homes to keep from flooding.  The cities supply has been depleted, and they needed more sandbags filled. Your wonderful missionaries did just that, and on one of the hottest days of the year too! Don't worry I made sure they were drinking lots of water. The city even asked that they please come back next week! =) They filled over 800 sandbags yesterday and will do another 1200 next week. Here are some pictures I took, and I promised them I'd to send them to you. I hope it is OK, they gave me your email addresses.
 We so enjoyed spending time with them all. Really a great group of missionaries.
 Elder & Sister Kienholz

Monday, September 9, 2013


E-mail sent to Jordyn fr her sister Jenni 
September 9, 2013

This is a little e-mail Jordyn got from her sister Jenni VerHoef Rich and what her son Gavin Rich said to her this last week...gotta love little children.

Oh of missionaries that are assigned to our ward is from Washington!  Ha ha super small world :).

Oh and PSS.  Gavin said "mom, did you know aunt Jordyn doesn't get to play because she's a narry " ha ha!
Have a fun week and keep being an awesome NARRY!  Aka missionary :)

Jordyn's respons to her e-mail 

Go Washington! I bet he's absolutely dying from the heat down there. . . the members up here were whining when it hit 90 up here this summer :)

Tell Gavin that I'll be sure to play with him when I get home and am not a narry anymore :)

Pictures from Mission

Hello all
Here are a few pictures that Jordyn has sent home..not really sure what they all are hopefully she will shed some light when she gets home.

This picture she is wondering how she would get in the house if anyone answered the door!! It takes all kinds of things to make this world fun.

Ok, so I cant find any of the others right now..I promise to post once I do. Happy reading.. 

It POURED this week!

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
September 9, 2013
Serving in: Puyallup, Washington 
Companion:  Sister Candice Dudek 

Well, for the first time on my mission I experienced true Washington weather: lots of rain and no sun. We had a couple days where it absolutely poured down, which was really fun to go knocking in! I got to bust out my rain boots which was exciting :)

Blessings and miracles were also poured down on us too this week. But more on that later--I think everyone wants to hear about the new comp and then I'll tell you about my 8-piece family that's on date :) :)

Let's see, on Tuesday we had transfers and Sister Kartchner got sent up to Kent (don't ask me where that is; all I know is Puyallup and how to get to Tacoma). But I also got a new companion named Sister Dudek. My mom sent me a list of of information that she wants about her so here you go:

  • name: Candice Dudek
  • from: Some small town near Fresno, California (Visalia I think)
  • hair color: blonde
  • yes she has a family
  • no she's not training me
  • no i'm not training her

She's been out exactly 2 months longer than me so we're just a normal companionship. She's from the Seattle mission, but she's not the crazy robot-nazi I was expecting to get which is nice. Actually, most of the Seattle missionaries that I've met have been pretty nice. Only 3 or 4 have been crazy robot-nazis (I think that will make more sense when I get home and explain it).

Let's see, both of us came from companionships where our companion wouldn't let us talk a whole lot, so we're both working on talking more during lessons and teaching together. It's been really fun to do that and actually get to say things other than the Joseph Smith story.

The funniest part about all of this, is that Sister Kartchner is companions with Sister Dudek's old companion. They just swapped places!

Heavenly Father is hilarious.

But on to investigator news (aka what happened with the Reine's this week):

We taught them the restoration on Thursday at our Ward Mission Leader's house and it went


We were super nervous before hand because we've always had someone else to be able to talk the majority of the time, but we prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and everything went fine. And to top off the evening . . .
we have six people ready to be baptized on September 21, 2013.

peace and blessings.

We also had some awkward knocking experiences! I don't feel like they're ever funny when I write them down, but they're in my journal so I can tell you when I get home in 14 months.

Oh my gosh. Speaking of 14 months, I realized this week that it's September. Which means that I hit 4 months, and then it'll be October and I'll hit 5 months, then it will be Halloween, and then it'll be November and i'll hit 6 months, and then it'll be Thanksgiving, and then it'll be December and i'll hit 7 months, and then it'll be Christmas  and then it'll be January and i'll hit 8 months and then i'll turn 20 (ew) and then it'll be February and i'll be at my halfway mark.

And then I stopped thinking because that really freaks me out. Like a lot.

Time is so weird as a missionary.

I also spilled hot chocolate on my scriptures this week. I've been studying the Pearl of Great Price, so now every time I open up to the end of Abraham/Joseph Smith-Matthew I get a nice whiff of chocolate.

and who ever said that the scriptures weren't sweet?

Fortunately, it wasn't a huge spill, so I was able to clean it up pretty quickly and blow dry it right away. And now I have a wavy pogp, so I'll never forget where it is :)

Sister Dudek and I have also started coming up with a #sistermissionaryprobs list. It's getting pretty long, and it's been like 3 days, so by the end of the transfer we're gonna have a goooood list.

My allergies are good; except for when I go into houses with dogs but that's to be expected. The only bummer deal is that everyone has dogs up here.

We had stake conference yesterday. It was actually a regional conference for Alaska and Washington, which means that we got to listen to Elder Nash, Sister McConkie, Elder Hales, and Elder Perry. It was an absolutely wonderful broadcast!

And I can't leave without an awkward moment. For stake conference we sat by the Reine's, who just so happened to be seated in the second row in the chapel (never in my life have I sat up that close during stake conference) but when our stake president was talking/testifying at the end he had all the missionaries stand up for a minute.

and we were on the second row.

I am never sitting up there again.

That's about all I can think for this week. The church is true, I can promise that. I wouldn't be out here doing this if I didn't know it.

I hope everyone has an awesome week! And stay classy san diego.