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Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
 August 5, 2013 
Serving in Puyallup 
 Companion: Sister Kartchner 

 Hey all! 
 This week was a really good one--Sister Kartchner and I have a baptism on Saturday!!!!! Hooray for my first baptism! 
Her name is Annette, and she is the 12 year-old daughter of Jamie. We met them a few weeks ago and have been teaching Annette and re-teaching Jamie because she's forgotten just about everything because she hasn't been to church in probably 20 years. It's been an amazing experience. Annette went to girls camp this past week and from what I've heard absolutely LOVED it. As just about everyone knows, I'm not a camper at all, but there really is something special that happens at girls camp, and I'm so happy Annette was able to go and experience that. 

 So Saturday at 10:00! Be excited! 

And I forgot to say last week, Happy Birthday Desmond! And congrats to Jenna on getting married! 

 My ward mission leader and his wife are temple workers in the Seattle Temple, so I actually heard about the new temple film. So no, it's not just in Utah, it's in Washington too at least. I heard it was awesome though! Our bishop said that you really can feel how much Heavenly Father loves us, and I'm super bummed that I can't go see it for another 15 months (I only have 15 months left! That really freaks me out!). 

 We met with Jamie on Wednesday and she told us a really cool story. In April she lost her job, and has been going kind of crazy since then. She doesn't like not working, and said she almost feels useless because of it. She said on Friday (this would be like July 19) she got down, said a prayer, and asked God what he wanted her to do with her life. Saturday morning (the 20th) at around 10:30 she got up and said another quick prayer that she needed this answer to come fast, and then around 11:00 that morning Sister Kartchner, a laurel who was knocking with us, and I knocked on their door and invited them back to church. Isn't that cool?? She also told us that she looked out the peep hole and almost didn't answer the door because she thought we were j-dubbz, but something whispered to her that she needed to answer the door. She's come to church every week, and in the 3 weeks since we gave her a Book of Mormon, she's already in Alma! There really are prepared people everywhere. And it's those kinds of stories that make this all worth it. 

 I love you all, have an awesome week! 

Love, Jordyn

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