Monday, August 26, 2013

A lot of dumb with some miracles mixed in

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
August 26, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington
Companion:  Sister Kartchner 

News! Transfers are next week. There's a greater chance I'm leaving, so for now, go with the mission office:
WaFed Mission Office
23175 224th PL SE #E
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Or you can hold off until next week. You can do whatever you want. It's your life.

 And now my week (I'm gonna preface this with it was a slightly boring week).
Monday we did various pday things (minus the zone activity) :( and then had dinner with some members. They made us recite the 8th article of faith because it's the 8th month of the year and  we're missionaries and should know what our church believes.
Awkward moment. I learned the articles of faith in primary, passed them off, and then promptly forgot them.
So my comp recited that one and I did the 8th commandment: thou shalt not steal.
10 points to gryffindor
And they also asked book of mormon trivia which i knew too! Whoda thought knowing the story of where you learn Mahonri Moriancumer's name would ever come in helpful.
On a mission that's where.
They also had me play the piano for them. It was slightly awkward because I don't remember any of my songs and I kept messing up haha. (I also forgot to tell you that i played the piano at zone conference again. Mom, you can't tell me anymore that I hide my talents!)
Tuesday we had district meeting where we talked for a surprising amount of time about most embarrassing moments and craziest dog story. We also talked about spiritual stuff and missionary work but the dog stories were a little more entertaining. I think Sister Kartchner is still a little bitter about the time I pushed her into the rottweiler that was charging us and then booked it down the driveway. 
We also met with Eric again. We taught him the resto and then asked him if he wanted to be baptized. We got a . . .
And now the bad news. 
We told him because he's only 17 he had to get his parents permission (his mom is a member) and we got a call from his mom later that night saying that she was fine with him going to church and to youth activities, but meeting with the missionaries, membership in the church, and baptism is out of the question.
D&C 68:25 lady.
John 3:5.
Mark 16:16.
Moroni 8:25.
you have to be baptized if you want to go to heaven.
On the bright side, our ward is taking over with him, and he can hopefully be baptized in December when he turns 18. It'll happen someday.
Wednesday some stuff happened, and to be honest I don't remember most of it..
On Thursday we had our wonderful weekly (gah), had a practice lesson with a less active family, went and saw a bunch of larcs for a few hours, then had some ward party thing/activity.
Not too sure what it was, but they fed us.
On Friday we met with a couple of our investigators, and then went and tried to get a hold of formers for the rest of the day. We found one guy named Austin who's still interested, and we're gonna teach him this week.
Saturday we met with Mary, she's on date for the 14th. We went and saw some more formers after and found Ron.
what a boss.
His wife was baptized about 5 years ago and he had been investigating the church earlier this year. He said people randomly stopped coming, and when we asked if he wanted to start learning again and he went, "yeah, how can I get baptized if I don't know anything?"
Sunday morning we got a voicemail from Amanda's mom saying that she doesn't want her to get baptized anymore.
D&C 68:25 lady.
John 3:5.
Mark 16:16.
Moroni 8:25.
you have to be baptized if you want to go to heaven.
Is there something about this doctrine that's not clear?
Gah, so we're working with the mom now. Hopefully it'll happen in September at the latest unless the mom keeps being dumb.
dumb. dumb. dumb.
But the rest of Sunday was good. Had awesome speakers in sacrament meeting (the one week we had no investigators of course) and then relief society was really grand too. We also had  another practice lesson which went really well, another one after that that went well too, and then dinner (finally) with a super awesome family.
And then we reported numbers, and then I went to bed, and now I'm emailing (with some stuff in between).
Missionary life really is an exciting one! But seriously, I love it.
Stay classy San Diego.
Sister VerHoef 
AKA Jordyn
Shoutouts this week go to:
  • Megan Harmon for getting her mission call! Argentina's not gonna know what him 'em!
  • Jo-good luck with senior year!
  • There's probably someone I'm related to celebrating a birthday this week--happy birthday!
  • My mom for not going crazy {yet}
  • Jenni! Funniest email and best pictures :) {and she requested one}

We had absolutely GORGEOUS sunsets this week!

Oh! and guess what else I learned! Mt Rainier (the mountian in my mission) is 200 years past due to blow! Exciting stuff! The members that told me that also said that Puyallup is the safe zone if it does, so as long as I'm not in graham I'll be fine should it blow :)

And did I tell you that I completely biffed it in a pile of dirt a couple of weeks ago?? Haha, it was pretty funny. My knees are all healed up now :) (and i don't have to squat when i pray;)

Love being a missionary 

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