Monday, August 26, 2013

A lot of dumb with some miracles mixed in

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
August 26, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington
Companion:  Sister Kartchner 

News! Transfers are next week. There's a greater chance I'm leaving, so for now, go with the mission office:
WaFed Mission Office
23175 224th PL SE #E
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Or you can hold off until next week. You can do whatever you want. It's your life.

 And now my week (I'm gonna preface this with it was a slightly boring week).
Monday we did various pday things (minus the zone activity) :( and then had dinner with some members. They made us recite the 8th article of faith because it's the 8th month of the year and  we're missionaries and should know what our church believes.
Awkward moment. I learned the articles of faith in primary, passed them off, and then promptly forgot them.
So my comp recited that one and I did the 8th commandment: thou shalt not steal.
10 points to gryffindor
And they also asked book of mormon trivia which i knew too! Whoda thought knowing the story of where you learn Mahonri Moriancumer's name would ever come in helpful.
On a mission that's where.
They also had me play the piano for them. It was slightly awkward because I don't remember any of my songs and I kept messing up haha. (I also forgot to tell you that i played the piano at zone conference again. Mom, you can't tell me anymore that I hide my talents!)
Tuesday we had district meeting where we talked for a surprising amount of time about most embarrassing moments and craziest dog story. We also talked about spiritual stuff and missionary work but the dog stories were a little more entertaining. I think Sister Kartchner is still a little bitter about the time I pushed her into the rottweiler that was charging us and then booked it down the driveway. 
We also met with Eric again. We taught him the resto and then asked him if he wanted to be baptized. We got a . . .
And now the bad news. 
We told him because he's only 17 he had to get his parents permission (his mom is a member) and we got a call from his mom later that night saying that she was fine with him going to church and to youth activities, but meeting with the missionaries, membership in the church, and baptism is out of the question.
D&C 68:25 lady.
John 3:5.
Mark 16:16.
Moroni 8:25.
you have to be baptized if you want to go to heaven.
On the bright side, our ward is taking over with him, and he can hopefully be baptized in December when he turns 18. It'll happen someday.
Wednesday some stuff happened, and to be honest I don't remember most of it..
On Thursday we had our wonderful weekly (gah), had a practice lesson with a less active family, went and saw a bunch of larcs for a few hours, then had some ward party thing/activity.
Not too sure what it was, but they fed us.
On Friday we met with a couple of our investigators, and then went and tried to get a hold of formers for the rest of the day. We found one guy named Austin who's still interested, and we're gonna teach him this week.
Saturday we met with Mary, she's on date for the 14th. We went and saw some more formers after and found Ron.
what a boss.
His wife was baptized about 5 years ago and he had been investigating the church earlier this year. He said people randomly stopped coming, and when we asked if he wanted to start learning again and he went, "yeah, how can I get baptized if I don't know anything?"
Sunday morning we got a voicemail from Amanda's mom saying that she doesn't want her to get baptized anymore.
D&C 68:25 lady.
John 3:5.
Mark 16:16.
Moroni 8:25.
you have to be baptized if you want to go to heaven.
Is there something about this doctrine that's not clear?
Gah, so we're working with the mom now. Hopefully it'll happen in September at the latest unless the mom keeps being dumb.
dumb. dumb. dumb.
But the rest of Sunday was good. Had awesome speakers in sacrament meeting (the one week we had no investigators of course) and then relief society was really grand too. We also had  another practice lesson which went really well, another one after that that went well too, and then dinner (finally) with a super awesome family.
And then we reported numbers, and then I went to bed, and now I'm emailing (with some stuff in between).
Missionary life really is an exciting one! But seriously, I love it.
Stay classy San Diego.
Sister VerHoef 
AKA Jordyn
Shoutouts this week go to:
  • Megan Harmon for getting her mission call! Argentina's not gonna know what him 'em!
  • Jo-good luck with senior year!
  • There's probably someone I'm related to celebrating a birthday this week--happy birthday!
  • My mom for not going crazy {yet}
  • Jenni! Funniest email and best pictures :) {and she requested one}

We had absolutely GORGEOUS sunsets this week!

Oh! and guess what else I learned! Mt Rainier (the mountian in my mission) is 200 years past due to blow! Exciting stuff! The members that told me that also said that Puyallup is the safe zone if it does, so as long as I'm not in graham I'll be fine should it blow :)

And did I tell you that I completely biffed it in a pile of dirt a couple of weeks ago?? Haha, it was pretty funny. My knees are all healed up now :) (and i don't have to squat when i pray;)

Love being a missionary 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
August 19, 2013
Serving in Puyallup
Companion: Sister Kartchner 

We taught Annette about the temple this week. Because everything likes to work against us [stupid Satan], it's closed for cleaning for the next two weeks. And it opens like three days before they move. I'm determined to get her in there before she leaves.

Pray for a miracle.

We taught a kid named Eric on Tuesday night. This is actually a really cool story; We've been trying to teach him for like 3 weeks now but nothing has been working out. 

Do you know how you get songs stuck in your head? Well, on my mission I get scriptures stuck in my head and for like the past 2 weeks I've had D&C 101:16 running through my head allthefreakingtime. 

"Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God."

I think my entire mission is going to be one. giant. patience lesson. [idon'twanttobestilldanget!] If I had my way, this entire area would already be baptized. Unfortunately, people have this annoying thing called agency. And fortunately, God knows more than I do and has a better plan than mine. 

So sister k and I decided that we were just gonna trust God's plan with Eric and we were just gonna be still and wait for him to come to us. annnnd, last Sunday . . . 

ERIC CAME UP TO US!!!!He asked if we could teach him so we went to the church Tuesday at 7. 

No show. 

Both of us just had the feeling to wait for a little while longer and he ended up showing up at like 7:35! i guess he fell asleep or something. 

but he showed!!!

We went and sat down and were about to start teaching when he said, "before you say whatever you were gonna say, I have some questions first." Our entire lesson ended up as us just answering his questions--which were really good, but also really hard. And he's done some studying up already because he asked about my least favorite topic and something that you neverrrrr bring up with an investigator. 


It ended up being fine though. We just told him that there is a kolob, but we don't know very much about it. And it's also not that pertinent to our salvation.

Missionary work is full of miracles. love it.

We also had zone conference on Wednesday, which was absolutely wonderful! We learned about:
-observing, listening, and then talking
-talking with [not at] everyone
-back pain
-stress and anxiety management
-how to love people better
-alma 38:12. not being overbearing, not being idle, and being just bold enough.
-a lot of other things that i can't remember because i don't have my journal with me but were still just as awesome

It was an awesome meeting. President was a lawyer for a while so he's a really good speaker but then he decided that what he really wanted to do was teach so he became an institute teacher. he's an awesome teacher and I always learn so much every single time I talk to him. 

It was kind of a boring week otherwise. We did a lot of knocking, found some potentials, and met some really cool people. 

Yesterday we had dinner at a member's house. It was your typical missionary dinner: polite conversation at the table, followed by a message by yours truly. Then one of the member's brought out his long-board and started to teach Sister Kartchner how to do it. I was inside with the rest of the family laughing at her through the window. Then she started to get farther away, so I went outside so we could be within sight and sound of each other, and John and Tiffany started to try to get me to do it. I said no because I knew I would look like an idiot, but they kept trying to get me to do it. I said that we needed to go have a prayer so we went inside and talked for a few more minutes. Then Sister Kartchner said the prayer and part of it went something like this:

"And please bless Sister VerHoef that she will have the courage to ride the long-board and that she won't get hurt when she does."

dang comp.

Haha, after the prayer John came up to me and was like, "you have to ride it now!" I asked him why and he said that his faith would diminish because sister Kartchner prayed that I would get on the board.

you sneaky little 15 year old.

nevertheless, i got on the board. can't have John dropping out of church because sister V wouldn't look like an idiot trying to stand on a long-board. 

fortunately, there's only one picture of it. and no videos.

And I actually rode it! My arms were flailing the entire time and John had to stand by me the entire time because he thought i was pretty likely to fall [which is a very safe assumption], but I didn't! 


Shoutouts this week go to:
Kendrick for being born1
(i just noticed--our family has a crap ton of birthdays during the summer)
My mom and Jo for emailing me! 
{that would be a notsosubtle guilt trip on the rest of the fam}

Monday, August 12, 2013


Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
August 12, 2013
Serving in Puyallup
Companion: Sister Kartchner 
1st Baptism Saturday August 10, 2013

his was an AWESOME week. 

On Monday night we went and taught Annette the word of wisdom which went well. I've never actually taught that, and it was a lot easier to teach than I thought it would be. 

We had zone meeting on Tuesday--don't worry--Elder Gordon didn't make me ask out another elder this time. :) We talked about the anatomy of conversion and related different body parts to different aspects of conversion that investigators need to go through. Then we talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion and how we can better teach by the Spirit. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I absolutely HATE role playing. I think it's awkward, and I am absolutely awful at it. But I always end up being forced to do it at district and zone meetings, and I ended up having a really cool experience with one of the new sisters in the zone. 

Moral of the story is: role playing=awkward if you're me, but they're really helpful. To all you future missionaries: DO THEM.

On Wednesday we taught Annette the law of chastity and the 10 commandments. I've never had to teach chastity either, and it was definitely interesting to teach to a 12 year old haha. Every time the word sex was said she would freak out, and cover her ears. :) We also talked about how you should dress modestly and her mom started going off about how you need to have high shirts and you shouldn't show any cleavage, and then looked down and realized that she was doing exactly that. Ha ha, so she started freaking out and felt absolutely horrible about it, and when we saw them the next day she said that after we left she went and changed into something modest :) I love this family so much. 

We also went over the 10 commandments, and I taught them the little sign language way to remember it that I learned in seminary. Another moral of the story: Seminary is surprisingly helpful. Go. And actually pay attention. 

We had a little scare on Wednesday night when we called to schedule the building and found out that our ward building was booked when we had the baptism scheduled. Fortunately, our stake center is only about a mile away so we were able to get that. God wants these baptisms to happen more than the missionaries do!

We went over to Annette's (again) on Thursday morning to teach her the gospel and finish up with the commandments (we still had to teach tithing). We went over them and Annette's friend named Jonathan had been sitting in on a couple of lessons and he decided that he wants to be baptized too! We're gonna start teaching him soon and hopefully get him dunked on the 31st of this month. 

We went back to our apartment and had our weekly, and then went back to Annette's for her interview. We met up with our DL, and Annette was super duper nervous. Because she's only 12 her mom was in the interview too and they told us later that Jamie ended up giving most of the answers because Annette was so nervous. Poor girl! She was beyond excited when she passed though! 

Nothing really happened on Friday, and Saturday was the big day! We got to the stake center at 7 and started filling the font and setting up chairs for the baptism. Then we finished getting ready, and at 9 I got a call from Jamie saying that her husband wasn't gonna come because he was sick, and they didn't have a ride to the baptism. Really Satan? Sister Kartchner had a little panic attack when I told her, but we managed to get them a ride, and they were there for the baptism! 
We had also been struggling to find someone to baptize Annette because it seemed like our entire ward was busy that day. After Annette's interview Maxwell asked us who was baptizing her, I said we don't know, and then Jamie asked if missionaries could baptize people. We said the sisters couldn't, but if they wanted to the elders could. Jamie and Annette really liked Maxwell, so he was the one who actually ended up baptizing her. We celebrated after, and then Sister Krotchner got super sick, and ended up having to lay down for a little bit. Poor girl has a UTI :(

Sad news! Annette and her family are moving! I feel like that happens to every single one of my investigators. I'm super sad about it, but I'm really excited for them--it should be an awesome thing for their family since they're gonna be around her husband's family and they're really close to the church so they won't have any excuses not to go :)

On Sunday we had ward council, church, Annette got confirmed during sacrament meeting, then we went knocking. Around 8pm we knocked into a lady named Mary who had recently lost her father. We talked a little about the plan of salvation and left her with a Book of Mormon and I marked Alma 40 for her to read. Seriously, how do people survive not knowing about the pos? I would be so lost without it. We're going back next Saturday to talk to her more. 

Well, I only have a few minutes left and I still need to figure out what to email my president. I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Shout-outs this week go to:
My parents! Congrats on 21 years :)
JoLynn! Congrats on exiting the womb 17 years ago!
Mike for getting a new job!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I can't think of a subject and I'm almost out of time!‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
 August 5, 2013 
Serving in Puyallup 
 Companion: Sister Kartchner 

 Hey all! 
 This week was a really good one--Sister Kartchner and I have a baptism on Saturday!!!!! Hooray for my first baptism! 
Her name is Annette, and she is the 12 year-old daughter of Jamie. We met them a few weeks ago and have been teaching Annette and re-teaching Jamie because she's forgotten just about everything because she hasn't been to church in probably 20 years. It's been an amazing experience. Annette went to girls camp this past week and from what I've heard absolutely LOVED it. As just about everyone knows, I'm not a camper at all, but there really is something special that happens at girls camp, and I'm so happy Annette was able to go and experience that. 

 So Saturday at 10:00! Be excited! 

And I forgot to say last week, Happy Birthday Desmond! And congrats to Jenna on getting married! 

 My ward mission leader and his wife are temple workers in the Seattle Temple, so I actually heard about the new temple film. So no, it's not just in Utah, it's in Washington too at least. I heard it was awesome though! Our bishop said that you really can feel how much Heavenly Father loves us, and I'm super bummed that I can't go see it for another 15 months (I only have 15 months left! That really freaks me out!). 

 We met with Jamie on Wednesday and she told us a really cool story. In April she lost her job, and has been going kind of crazy since then. She doesn't like not working, and said she almost feels useless because of it. She said on Friday (this would be like July 19) she got down, said a prayer, and asked God what he wanted her to do with her life. Saturday morning (the 20th) at around 10:30 she got up and said another quick prayer that she needed this answer to come fast, and then around 11:00 that morning Sister Kartchner, a laurel who was knocking with us, and I knocked on their door and invited them back to church. Isn't that cool?? She also told us that she looked out the peep hole and almost didn't answer the door because she thought we were j-dubbz, but something whispered to her that she needed to answer the door. She's come to church every week, and in the 3 weeks since we gave her a Book of Mormon, she's already in Alma! There really are prepared people everywhere. And it's those kinds of stories that make this all worth it. 

 I love you all, have an awesome week! 

Love, Jordyn