Monday, July 29, 2013

I'll just apologize for the lame email right now.‏

Jordyn's weekly letter
July 29, 2013
Serving in Puyallap, Washington
Companion: Sister Kartchner

Sorry folks if you are wishing Jordyn would post pictures..So would her family!! ..she tells us that she can't figure it out on the PC..she is going to ask some of the Zone Leaders and see if she can figure it out. Until than hope you enjoy her weekly letters.

This was kind of a slow week with transfers and everything going on. All of the Seattle missionaries in my zone are having a really hard time transitioning to rules that are a little more lax than they're used to--it's slightly funny to watch. Let's see . . . we had apartment inspections this week. It felt like a cleaning check to me, and it was weird to not be dancing around cleaning with Rachel and Alexis. But the guy that did our inspections told us that he was gonna work on getting us out of our apartment! Hooray! We live in a cave, and have mold problems. Pray we get out soon! Our investigators are being dumb. Well, only most of them are. We haven't seen Joe since he came to church last week . . . we don't know if he's avoiding us or is just really busy. So we're still trying to get a hold of him annnd get him baptized. It's gonna happen. We haven't seen Gramma Dawn for a while! She had to cancel our last appointment because she was out in Spanaway, and then she's at some Bible camp all week or something with her grandson. We do have an appointment for the 7th though! That feels like forever away . . . Annette is probably our most solid investigator. She came to church with her family again, and they are the cutest family! Richard is the five year-old little boy and he is one of the cutest little kids I have ever met. He's gonna be a little heartbreaker when he grows up :) If I ever figure out how to send pictures you'll understand what I mean. Jamie (the mom) absolutely LOVES being back at church, and is so excited for Annette to get baptized! Which is happening August 10th!!! I am BEYOND excited for her. We were talking at their house one night and Jamie said that after she left the church that she went to a lot of different ones but when we started teaching them again she loved what we had to say and the truth that she was hearing again. Awesome right?? The church is true, and because it's true, it's powerful and can change people faster than any program. That ladies and gentlemen, is why the church can send out 18 year-old boys and 19 year-old girls and not have it go to crap. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Jordyn

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