Monday, July 8, 2013

I Think I'm Allergic to the Entire State of Washington!! ‏

This e-mail we got Monday July 8, 2013
Jordyn's weekly e-mail
July 8, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington
Hey all! I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July!
We've met a lot with our ward mission leader's wife this week. Like, a ton. It's been really good, and he and his wife are super on top of things, it's just awkward for us as missionaries because we don't know how to work with members . . . especially since both of us are from Utah. But we're getting there. They're trying to get us so busy that we don't have time to knock. Which is awesome, because then we'll be teaching all day, but it's sad at the same time because I love knocking. Ah well, such is life.
Cool story, every week we get ten names from our bishop of people in the ward he feels we need to go visit. One of those names this week was a man named Michael Carillo. He is inactive, and his wife isn't a member. We went and talked to him and invited him to a party that this ward does on the fourth of July every year. He said that he probably wouldn't come because people get a little crazy here and he didn't want anything happening to his house. Then, at the party . . . he came! We talked to our bishop and he said that he really feels like Michael misses coming to church, so we're gonna go and keep visiting him.
I know you're dying to hear about the new president, so I'll tell you. He and his wife went to BYU. He was a lawyer, then did some things, then quit to become an institute teacher up at BYU-I. He's actually from Auburn, which is in this mission funnily enough. They have four kids; one's married, they have two daughters on missions, and then a 16 year-old son who is out here with them. They're super sweet, and he is an awesome teacher. I think it's gonna be really great working with them.
Gramma Dawn's rocking it! We finished the plan of salvation with her this week--she loved the three kingdoms--and we're gonna give her a church tour on Wednesday, she's coming to church next Sunday, and then we're gonna teach her the restoration on Sunday as well. AH!! She is super sweet. And she tells us all the time that she has her church, but Sister Kartchner and I both think that she is really gaining a testimony of this church. She's been reading the Book of Mormon . . . and I'm planning on her getting baptized in July sometime. :) Hopefully I stay in this area for another transfer.
Speaking of transfers, I found out that they're gonna be on the 22nd of this month--I'm holding out for Jenni to have her baby then. :) I don't know when we're gonna find out if we're leaving, but I'm guessing it'll probably be the Saturday before. I'll keep you posted.
Back to investigators.
I don't know if I ever mentioned Joe Martell (so much happens, and I don't know who I tell what) but we knocked into him sometime in June. We went back to see him and he's still really interested in learning about the gospel! We met up with him on Saturday and only had a couple of minutes to teach him so we talked about the Book of Mormon. We told him what it's about, how to navigate it, and just bore testimony of it. It really is a powerful book that can change lives. I love the quote by President Benson (I think) where he talks about how there is a power in the book that flows into your life the minute you begin a serious study of it. It's so true, I've seen it in my life, and I'm seeing it in investigators lives right now. Amazing :)
We also met a guy named Jullius this week. We invited him to the ward fourth of July thing, but he wasn't able to make it. We ran into him when we were knocking on the fourth though, and we talked to him for a little bit. We set up an appointment to teach him the restoration, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He seemed really excited to learn, until we got a text Saturday night from him. Ba ha ha ha ha! Turns out that he's a little bit more interested in Sister Kartchner than the gospel, and actually asked her out to a movie. Oh goodness. We're still gonna teach him, but we're thinking that I'm gonna have to take the lead because he likes her a lot. Goooood times. I'll definitely keep you posted on this. And don't worry--our district leader knows, and we're gonna hand him over if anything starts getting creepy.
My fourth was good! We had a zone conference in the morning--that's where we met president. Our district got there really early so we were just sitting in the chapel talking, when two Seattle missionaries came up and asked if anyone played the piano. I wasn't gonna say anything, but my district leader ratted me out so I ended up playing for zone conference. Don't worry mom, people won't let me hide my talents on a mission.
But after zone conference we went to our ward party. It was really good, one of our eternal investigators came which was awesome! His name is Joe, and he's actually married to Andie that we stopped visiting a couple of weeks ago. We went over to their house after and talked with them for a while and tried to answer some of his questions. He says that the only reason he can't get baptized is because he doesn't know that the Book of Mormon is true. He also looks at a ton of anti as well. I don't know if he can see it, but I know the reason that he's not getting an answer. It's totally up to him at this point though. If he stops looking at anti, he'll get an answer about the book of mormon. It's as simple as that.
We went knocking after, that's when we talked to Julius, and then we went over to some member's house and watched fireworks. Their neighborhood was having a barbecue (with burgers!) so we hung out with them. And Washington LOVES fireworks! They can shoot off just about any kind because it's not dry here (at all) which was so cool to see. We went back to our apartment at 9:30, but then we sat outside until we went to bed because there were Stadium of Fire fireworks going off all throughout Puyallup. It was awesome :)
Oh, another cool story. On Saturday we went knocking because we didn't have anything better to do and a laurel that just graduated came with us. Her name is Tanisha, and she's actually going to BYU in the fall. Made me sad that I'm not gonna be there. But, I felt so bad for her! For probably the first 45 minutes either no one would open the door, or it would just get slammed in our faces. Then, we knocked on a door of a less active member named Tara. She told us that she really only joined the church because her ex-husband was a member, and after he stopped going she felt like she was lying because she didn't know everything was true. We told her about Elder Holland's talk from this last conference about how you don't have to know everything, only believe. We also talked about how it's okay to question things, because that's how this church was restored--by Joseph Smith wondering which church was true and then asking God. That's also how a lot of the revelations in D&C came about. She told us that was exactly what she needed, and that she was so greatful that we stopped by. We're gonna go by in a couple of weeks to see if we can get her and her new husband to start coming again.
I'm glad everything's okay with dad--keep me posted!
Happy Birthday to Jenni this week! I hope you're feeling well :)
Congrats to Lachelle for getting married sometime soon! I got the invitation and you guys look awesome!!
Loved the pictures :) I'm glad you had fun at Stadium of Fire. I was actually sitting outside on the fourth when I realized that you were probably there right then and got slightly sad. . . then I watched the fireworks going off everywhere and I was fine again. :)
I'm glad your lesson went well mom! I'm sure you did awesome, and it really is the best when you don't have to say much.
Tell the ward that I'm doing well, I really appreciate all the prayers.
Yeah, I got the package. Thanks for it! I'm super glad I stayed in the states too . . . it's nice to be able to run to walmart (as awful as that store is) and get things so quickly from home :)
That's about it! I love you all, hope you have an awesome week, and remember to find little was to share the gospel. You don't have to wear a nametag to be a missionary :)

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