Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Two Months to Me!!

Sorry Friends...I haven't been dilligent in keeping up with Jordyn's blog..I have since repented and will post her letters each week.  Enjoy them as much as we do...As her family, we do appreciate all your support with Jordyn, she is a great missionary and loving her mission.

Jordyn's weekely e-mail 
July 15, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington

This week has definitely been a week of MIRACLES!!!

On Tuesday we were gonna teach the Restoration to Julius but when we met outside the church he mentioned that he hadn't ever been in a Mormon church before. We obviously gave him a church tour, and committed him to baptism! Ah! He was on date for the 21st but we found out that investigators have to go to church 3 times instead of 2 like it was in the Wa-Tac and he didn't end up coming yesterday so we still have a while before he can get baptized. Pray that I don't get transferred!

Wednesday we met with Gramma Dawn and taught her the Restoration too. Four hour lesson. I'm like 64% sure I fell asleep during part of it, but I'm also pretty sure that it was only for like 30 seconds. Long lesson, but super strong spirit. We asked her to be baptized as well, but she's been baptized a ton of times so she doesn't feel like she needs to again. We're gonna go over authority again with her for sure. I know she will get baptized though. She knows a lot already, and we're just filling in gaps that she didn't know before. It's been really amazing to work with her. We had some elders give her a blessing on Friday because she's been struggling with some family things. It was an amazing blessing! The Spirit was so strong, and we all knew that she felt something. We're gonna go see her on Wednesday to give her a Church Tour. 

Thursday we met with Joe and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. We explained Moroni's Promise which he thought was really cool and we explained that we also talked about how the Book of Mormon and Bible go together and that we love them both. He was really relieved by that. Then we met with him on Saturday to give him a Church Tour. We ended up teaching the restoration and then giving him a tour. He committed to be baptized too! He's really nervous, he didn't come to church yesterday because he was so nervous. But he did say that he was going to pray to see if this is the right thing for him (which it is), so hopefully we'll sill be able to work for August 10th. 

On Saturday our zone leaders went knocking with us and right as we were finishing, we found a basher. She gave us a whole packet about why the Mormon church is wrong (it's a bunch of bull crap and none of the scriptures she gave us make sense), and told us that we were on the wrong path to salvation and that she was only doing it because she wanted us to get to heaven with her. We tried to talk but she kept cutting us off so I just bore my testimony and walked away. My comp did a nice little farewell thing, but I just left because I was so mad. But then I got over it, and we had a good night after that. I don't think she realized that she gave that packet to a grammar Nazi because all I've done with it so far is correct her horrid spelling and awful grammar. Go English. 

OH cool story, on Thursday our WML invited us to his house. He also invited a bunch of people over who were interested in hearing about the gospel. What!! That's exactly what the the broadcast wanted us to do! It was really cool though, we taught the first part of the restoration, and we're gonna finish this coming Thursday. 

I'm sorry this is such a lame letter this week, I just can't think of anything that's really happened. And I also don't remember what I've told people and what I haven't. But I'll end with a funny story that you probably won't think is funny due to the fact that it's over email. But when I get home and tell it it'll probably be funnier.

 While we were knocking on Saturday Sister Kartchner and I knocked on this one house. The guy opened his door and out runs his ginormous dog straight to me. I was in the middle of saying hi but it turned into hiiiahhhhhhhh! I seriously screamed like a little girl on someones porch. Naturally our ZLs were walking by right then so they thought it was hilarious, and to top it all off the guy was shirtless to make the situation even more awkward. #missionarylife

But life's good, we're adjusting to the new mission, the rules aren't as bad anymore, and we're working hard. I finally like I'm becoming a better teacher--once we started teaching people oddly enough :) But it's fun. I really love being a missionary. 

Love you guys! I hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Jordyn (AKA Sister VerHoef)

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