Monday, July 1, 2013

First Wa-Fed Email!‏

Jordyn's weekely e-mail
July 1, 2013
Her first letter in her new mission
Federal Way Mission

President Eaton landed Saturday evening (so I've heard) and I'm officially in the Washington Federal Way mission. Exciting stuff! I obviously haven't met him, but I've heard rumors that we'll be meeting him sometime this week. I'll keep you posted.

Along with a new mission came a new mission president
President & Sister Eaton 
Yeah, Washington has had a "heat wave" too. Everyone here is dying because it reached 85, and it could be in the 90s today :) It is more humid here, but the members have all been cracking me up, and asking if we die during the day when we're proselyting. I tell them no because the heat makes me feel like I'm back in Utah, and then they all get this shocked look on their faces. Silly people from Washington. There has been one good thing that comes from knocking in the heat--everyone feels bad for you because it's so "hot," then we get invited in for water, and can usually get a lesson out of it.
Let's see . . . I was thinking last night about all the new things that have happened to me in the past month. I got white washed into a new area, our ward got a new bishopric, I got put into a new mission, got a new mission president, and to top it all off we got a new ward mission leader yesterday.
But I'm super excited about all of these things :) Our bishop is a lawyer so he's very efficient and likes to get things done, and the new WML is actually a convert so he's super gung-ho when it comes to missionary work. I guess he told our DL that in two weeks we won't have time to knock doors because we'll all be so busy with referrals and working with members. We'll see what happens!
So sometime in this past week (I think Tuesday)we were doing 5-7s and Sister Kartchner was being kind of a bum about it. I kept making her go, and we eventually knocked into Gramma Dawn.
We talked to her for a minute on the porch, and then she started preaching to us but it was all good things! We talked for about a half an hour, and then set up a return appointment. Holla! We went back on Thursday and taught her the plan of salvation. When we told her that we lived with God before she said that she had never heard that before. I asked her how that made her feel, and she said that it made sense, and more comforted in the fact that God really knows her, and she knew him before.
That hit me so hard. This is something that I've known my entire life. I've always known that I lived with God. But there really are people in this world who don't know these little things and I can't wait to find them and tell them!
We ran out of time so we left her with a Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation pamphlet. Sister Kartchner actually called her yesterday to see if she had a chance to read it, she said yes, and that it sounded really familiar.
Yessssss. I refuse to lose this investigator. She is going to be the best relief society teacher once she gets baptized.
Time for an awkward story?
On Wednesday we had zone meeting. Our ZLs Elder Gordon and Elder Blaney did a training on finding people and related it to how to get a girl. Already a little awkward because we're the only sisters in our zone. But before they went over the steps/analogy that they wanted to explain to us . . . they decided to do a role play. They had Elder Linford ask Elder Blaney out on a date. Ba ha ha ha! Linford kept rambling, and it was really funny to see Blaney act like a girl.
Oh, elders.
Then they sat down, and I heard Gordon call my name.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Gordon had me, the most awkward person ever, ask out Elder Casey.
I really don't think I can describe how awkward this was. The "situation" we were in was he was coming out of the gym from weightlifting, and I was about to graduate high school and I was leaving cheerleading practice . . . After probably the most awkward three minutes of my life (after I flat-out asked Gordon if we could just be done), I got a date! The last part of the conversation went something like this:
Me: Wanna . . . uh . . . go on a . . . date . . . sometime . . . ?
Casey: Uh . . . sure?
Me: . . . cool.
And then I went and sat down. We were all laughing because we all felt so uncomfortable and I got really happy right then that I can't date for another 16 and a half months. Too much pressure.
Then Gordon and Blaney went over the training, related it to missionary work, and we all had a happy zone meeting. Except for those five minutes in the middle. That was awful.
Not much else happened this week. Gramma Dawn is officially a progressing investigator, so our teaching pool is up to one!
And I almost forgot! Jeremy, Karli, five kids, lookin' good in the Ensign! And Happy Birthday to Kiana on Saturday!
Love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week
Jordyn (AKA Sister VerHoef)

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