Monday, July 29, 2013

New Family Member‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail
this was e-mail #2
July 29, 2013
Kingston is so stinking cute! I wish I could meet him, but I love the pictures!!

Tell Pearl Happy Birthday for me! Jeremy told me he and Karli were going on a trip but he didn't say where . . . I wish I was going to Disneyland! But I guess preaching the gospel in Puyallup is just as fun :)

I got a TON of pictures of the One direction concert--pretty much feel like I was there :) I'm glad Jo had fun though. And that the almost year wait was worth it

Eh, you're fine with the beds. It's an ox in the mire kind of thing and needed to be done. 

I'm excited for the pile of things to be mailed to me! Mail is my favorite! I don't know where the shirts would be . . . possibly in a box? I honestly left so fast that I don't remember where I put anything. I remember briefly putting some things in boxes at one point, but that could have been me moving out of my apartment and back home. It's all a blur :)

It doesn't matter with the recipes--I can print them here if that's easier for you. 

How did you hear about Emily? I actually don't know if I'm allowed to chat. But I was online, she was online, and we just emailed back and forth :) And no need to tss tss tss at me, I've done that with you too! :) I think it's fine though

Love you! Sorry my emails were so short this week . . . it was really slow and boring last week. Hopefully more happens!


I'll just apologize for the lame email right now.‏

Jordyn's weekly letter
July 29, 2013
Serving in Puyallap, Washington
Companion: Sister Kartchner

Sorry folks if you are wishing Jordyn would post pictures..So would her family!! ..she tells us that she can't figure it out on the PC..she is going to ask some of the Zone Leaders and see if she can figure it out. Until than hope you enjoy her weekly letters.

This was kind of a slow week with transfers and everything going on. All of the Seattle missionaries in my zone are having a really hard time transitioning to rules that are a little more lax than they're used to--it's slightly funny to watch. Let's see . . . we had apartment inspections this week. It felt like a cleaning check to me, and it was weird to not be dancing around cleaning with Rachel and Alexis. But the guy that did our inspections told us that he was gonna work on getting us out of our apartment! Hooray! We live in a cave, and have mold problems. Pray we get out soon! Our investigators are being dumb. Well, only most of them are. We haven't seen Joe since he came to church last week . . . we don't know if he's avoiding us or is just really busy. So we're still trying to get a hold of him annnd get him baptized. It's gonna happen. We haven't seen Gramma Dawn for a while! She had to cancel our last appointment because she was out in Spanaway, and then she's at some Bible camp all week or something with her grandson. We do have an appointment for the 7th though! That feels like forever away . . . Annette is probably our most solid investigator. She came to church with her family again, and they are the cutest family! Richard is the five year-old little boy and he is one of the cutest little kids I have ever met. He's gonna be a little heartbreaker when he grows up :) If I ever figure out how to send pictures you'll understand what I mean. Jamie (the mom) absolutely LOVES being back at church, and is so excited for Annette to get baptized! Which is happening August 10th!!! I am BEYOND excited for her. We were talking at their house one night and Jamie said that after she left the church that she went to a lot of different ones but when we started teaching them again she loved what we had to say and the truth that she was hearing again. Awesome right?? The church is true, and because it's true, it's powerful and can change people faster than any program. That ladies and gentlemen, is why the church can send out 18 year-old boys and 19 year-old girls and not have it go to crap. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Jordyn

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Betcha Thought I Forgot to Write You Yesterday Huh??‏

Jordyn's weekly e-mail
July 23, 2013
Serving in Puyallap, WA.
Companion: Sister Kartchner

Don't worry, I didn't forget any of you yesterday. President Eaton changed our P-day to Tuesday this week because of transfers, but it'll go back to Monday next week. And speaking of, I know at least my family is dying to know what's going on with me so drum roll please . . . 


I'll be in the Ridgecrest area for another six weeks at least, and I couldn't be more excited! They're really starting to get excited about missionary work, and are bringing people to us to teach! There are days when Sister Kartchner and I honestly don't have time to knock doors--which is sad because I love doing it, but awesome because that means I'm teaching people. 

Weird thing about this transfer, there are actually only four people in my zone that are leaving. Two elders are leaving an area and sisters are coming in (weird!) to open a new area. Then two other elders from two different areas are leaving too. One of them is Elder Peay, and he's probably the one I'll miss the most. We fight about the weather a lot, meaning he prays for -40 and I pray for 80 degrees. Haha, I've been winning because these past weeks have had awesome weather :) Go faith! 

So we decided to drop Julius. We haven't been able to talk to him since we put him on date because his girlfriend's uncle died or something. He also told us that we knocked into him at his parents house and that he actually lives in Tacoma (!), so we're gonna hand him off to the missionaries there so they can learn as a family. 

We didn't get to meet with Gramma Dawn this week :( She was in Spanaway when we called her on Wednesday, and we haven't been able to get a hold of her since then. 

Joe is doing well! He came to church on Sunday! We met with him on Friday afternoon and he actually tried to drop us but he realized that he is just freaked out, so we're gonna keep meeting with him. On Friday he said that he would come to church, but we may have to just come and get him to go and he said to just knock on his door. We said we weren't afraid to knock on doors (I don't think he realizes just how many doors we knock on) and that we would be there. So we knocked on his door Sunday Morning, he looked totally surprised, but he showed up at the building at 11:30 :) He only came to sacrament meeting . . . but it's progress!

Our WML had us go and visit some less-actives Saturday morning so we took a laurel in our ward and went and did that. We knocked into a family and invited them back to church, and the mom said yes! She said that she's been feeling like she needs to start going back to church anyway :) We talked for a while, and then left. They have a 12 year-old daughter who was interested in girls camp, so we went over later on Saturday with the beehive advisor to give them some more info about it. We were talking about that, talking about church, and then decided to give them a church tour. We went over to the ward building, gave the tour, and then asked the daughter (Annette) if she wanted to be baptized, and she said yes! We're working for August 17 with her. 

I got a call from my DL while we were talking to less-actives and he said that there was a less-active member named Michael in the complex that we were at who was wanting to come back to church. Naturally, we went to see him and we talked to him for a while, and got him a ride for Sunday.

So sacrament meeting, was probably the funniest one I've been to in a LONG time. The Webbers came, Joe came, and then Michael came with his daughter. The Webbers sat in the back, the comp and I sat in the middle with Joe, and Michael sat in front of us with a couple in our ward. Michael's daughter was yelling to the wife for almost the entire meeting, pulling on her earrings asking where she got them, why her face was so red, was she blushing, and then asked her why she doesn't wear lipstick and if it's because her husband doesn't like it. I was DYING laughing! I couldn't do anything because I was laughing so hard, Sister Kartchner kept trying to quiet her since her dad wasn't doing anything, Mackenzie's husband was dying laughing as well, and poor Mackenzie (who is super sweet and super duper shy), just got redder and redder because she was so embarrassed. 

We also had little five year-old Richard wanting me to color with him in the row behind him, and Joe in our row wondering what the heck is going on and if church is always like this. Gotta love being a missionary :)

And that was just sacrament meeting. 

The rest of church was just as exhausting. Between making sure everyone was going to the right place with the right people I don't think I've ever had a more exhausting three hour block of meetings. 

And I wouldn't change that for anything. I was definitely exhausted by the time church was over, but it was the good kind where it's because you know you've worked hard. I love missionary work!

I totally almost forgot--we had interviews with President and Sister Eaton this week! We went Thursday afternoon and I went in with Sister Eaton first. It was really good, we talked a lot about the scriptures, and she was just seeing how I was doing. Then I went  in with president, and he asked a few questions to get to know me and how I feel like I can become a better missionary. Then he asked if I had any questions. [Side note: I've been writing down questions during morning study that I haven't been able to come up with answers to] Naturally, I pulled out my list and we went through the whole thing :) I would ask, he would answer, and then I would feel bad that I had so many questions but he told me to keep going so he answered all of them! (I think there were like 10 or 15:) But he said that he appreciated my inquisitive mind, and to never be afraid to ask questions :)

I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Two Months to Me!!

Sorry Friends...I haven't been dilligent in keeping up with Jordyn's blog..I have since repented and will post her letters each week.  Enjoy them as much as we do...As her family, we do appreciate all your support with Jordyn, she is a great missionary and loving her mission.

Jordyn's weekely e-mail 
July 15, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington

This week has definitely been a week of MIRACLES!!!

On Tuesday we were gonna teach the Restoration to Julius but when we met outside the church he mentioned that he hadn't ever been in a Mormon church before. We obviously gave him a church tour, and committed him to baptism! Ah! He was on date for the 21st but we found out that investigators have to go to church 3 times instead of 2 like it was in the Wa-Tac and he didn't end up coming yesterday so we still have a while before he can get baptized. Pray that I don't get transferred!

Wednesday we met with Gramma Dawn and taught her the Restoration too. Four hour lesson. I'm like 64% sure I fell asleep during part of it, but I'm also pretty sure that it was only for like 30 seconds. Long lesson, but super strong spirit. We asked her to be baptized as well, but she's been baptized a ton of times so she doesn't feel like she needs to again. We're gonna go over authority again with her for sure. I know she will get baptized though. She knows a lot already, and we're just filling in gaps that she didn't know before. It's been really amazing to work with her. We had some elders give her a blessing on Friday because she's been struggling with some family things. It was an amazing blessing! The Spirit was so strong, and we all knew that she felt something. We're gonna go see her on Wednesday to give her a Church Tour. 

Thursday we met with Joe and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. We explained Moroni's Promise which he thought was really cool and we explained that we also talked about how the Book of Mormon and Bible go together and that we love them both. He was really relieved by that. Then we met with him on Saturday to give him a Church Tour. We ended up teaching the restoration and then giving him a tour. He committed to be baptized too! He's really nervous, he didn't come to church yesterday because he was so nervous. But he did say that he was going to pray to see if this is the right thing for him (which it is), so hopefully we'll sill be able to work for August 10th. 

On Saturday our zone leaders went knocking with us and right as we were finishing, we found a basher. She gave us a whole packet about why the Mormon church is wrong (it's a bunch of bull crap and none of the scriptures she gave us make sense), and told us that we were on the wrong path to salvation and that she was only doing it because she wanted us to get to heaven with her. We tried to talk but she kept cutting us off so I just bore my testimony and walked away. My comp did a nice little farewell thing, but I just left because I was so mad. But then I got over it, and we had a good night after that. I don't think she realized that she gave that packet to a grammar Nazi because all I've done with it so far is correct her horrid spelling and awful grammar. Go English. 

OH cool story, on Thursday our WML invited us to his house. He also invited a bunch of people over who were interested in hearing about the gospel. What!! That's exactly what the the broadcast wanted us to do! It was really cool though, we taught the first part of the restoration, and we're gonna finish this coming Thursday. 

I'm sorry this is such a lame letter this week, I just can't think of anything that's really happened. And I also don't remember what I've told people and what I haven't. But I'll end with a funny story that you probably won't think is funny due to the fact that it's over email. But when I get home and tell it it'll probably be funnier.

 While we were knocking on Saturday Sister Kartchner and I knocked on this one house. The guy opened his door and out runs his ginormous dog straight to me. I was in the middle of saying hi but it turned into hiiiahhhhhhhh! I seriously screamed like a little girl on someones porch. Naturally our ZLs were walking by right then so they thought it was hilarious, and to top it all off the guy was shirtless to make the situation even more awkward. #missionarylife

But life's good, we're adjusting to the new mission, the rules aren't as bad anymore, and we're working hard. I finally like I'm becoming a better teacher--once we started teaching people oddly enough :) But it's fun. I really love being a missionary. 

Love you guys! I hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Jordyn (AKA Sister VerHoef)

Monday, July 8, 2013

I Think I'm Allergic to the Entire State of Washington!! ‏

This e-mail we got Monday July 8, 2013
Jordyn's weekly e-mail
July 8, 2013
Serving in Puyallup, Washington
Hey all! I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July!
We've met a lot with our ward mission leader's wife this week. Like, a ton. It's been really good, and he and his wife are super on top of things, it's just awkward for us as missionaries because we don't know how to work with members . . . especially since both of us are from Utah. But we're getting there. They're trying to get us so busy that we don't have time to knock. Which is awesome, because then we'll be teaching all day, but it's sad at the same time because I love knocking. Ah well, such is life.
Cool story, every week we get ten names from our bishop of people in the ward he feels we need to go visit. One of those names this week was a man named Michael Carillo. He is inactive, and his wife isn't a member. We went and talked to him and invited him to a party that this ward does on the fourth of July every year. He said that he probably wouldn't come because people get a little crazy here and he didn't want anything happening to his house. Then, at the party . . . he came! We talked to our bishop and he said that he really feels like Michael misses coming to church, so we're gonna go and keep visiting him.
I know you're dying to hear about the new president, so I'll tell you. He and his wife went to BYU. He was a lawyer, then did some things, then quit to become an institute teacher up at BYU-I. He's actually from Auburn, which is in this mission funnily enough. They have four kids; one's married, they have two daughters on missions, and then a 16 year-old son who is out here with them. They're super sweet, and he is an awesome teacher. I think it's gonna be really great working with them.
Gramma Dawn's rocking it! We finished the plan of salvation with her this week--she loved the three kingdoms--and we're gonna give her a church tour on Wednesday, she's coming to church next Sunday, and then we're gonna teach her the restoration on Sunday as well. AH!! She is super sweet. And she tells us all the time that she has her church, but Sister Kartchner and I both think that she is really gaining a testimony of this church. She's been reading the Book of Mormon . . . and I'm planning on her getting baptized in July sometime. :) Hopefully I stay in this area for another transfer.
Speaking of transfers, I found out that they're gonna be on the 22nd of this month--I'm holding out for Jenni to have her baby then. :) I don't know when we're gonna find out if we're leaving, but I'm guessing it'll probably be the Saturday before. I'll keep you posted.
Back to investigators.
I don't know if I ever mentioned Joe Martell (so much happens, and I don't know who I tell what) but we knocked into him sometime in June. We went back to see him and he's still really interested in learning about the gospel! We met up with him on Saturday and only had a couple of minutes to teach him so we talked about the Book of Mormon. We told him what it's about, how to navigate it, and just bore testimony of it. It really is a powerful book that can change lives. I love the quote by President Benson (I think) where he talks about how there is a power in the book that flows into your life the minute you begin a serious study of it. It's so true, I've seen it in my life, and I'm seeing it in investigators lives right now. Amazing :)
We also met a guy named Jullius this week. We invited him to the ward fourth of July thing, but he wasn't able to make it. We ran into him when we were knocking on the fourth though, and we talked to him for a little bit. We set up an appointment to teach him the restoration, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He seemed really excited to learn, until we got a text Saturday night from him. Ba ha ha ha ha! Turns out that he's a little bit more interested in Sister Kartchner than the gospel, and actually asked her out to a movie. Oh goodness. We're still gonna teach him, but we're thinking that I'm gonna have to take the lead because he likes her a lot. Goooood times. I'll definitely keep you posted on this. And don't worry--our district leader knows, and we're gonna hand him over if anything starts getting creepy.
My fourth was good! We had a zone conference in the morning--that's where we met president. Our district got there really early so we were just sitting in the chapel talking, when two Seattle missionaries came up and asked if anyone played the piano. I wasn't gonna say anything, but my district leader ratted me out so I ended up playing for zone conference. Don't worry mom, people won't let me hide my talents on a mission.
But after zone conference we went to our ward party. It was really good, one of our eternal investigators came which was awesome! His name is Joe, and he's actually married to Andie that we stopped visiting a couple of weeks ago. We went over to their house after and talked with them for a while and tried to answer some of his questions. He says that the only reason he can't get baptized is because he doesn't know that the Book of Mormon is true. He also looks at a ton of anti as well. I don't know if he can see it, but I know the reason that he's not getting an answer. It's totally up to him at this point though. If he stops looking at anti, he'll get an answer about the book of mormon. It's as simple as that.
We went knocking after, that's when we talked to Julius, and then we went over to some member's house and watched fireworks. Their neighborhood was having a barbecue (with burgers!) so we hung out with them. And Washington LOVES fireworks! They can shoot off just about any kind because it's not dry here (at all) which was so cool to see. We went back to our apartment at 9:30, but then we sat outside until we went to bed because there were Stadium of Fire fireworks going off all throughout Puyallup. It was awesome :)
Oh, another cool story. On Saturday we went knocking because we didn't have anything better to do and a laurel that just graduated came with us. Her name is Tanisha, and she's actually going to BYU in the fall. Made me sad that I'm not gonna be there. But, I felt so bad for her! For probably the first 45 minutes either no one would open the door, or it would just get slammed in our faces. Then, we knocked on a door of a less active member named Tara. She told us that she really only joined the church because her ex-husband was a member, and after he stopped going she felt like she was lying because she didn't know everything was true. We told her about Elder Holland's talk from this last conference about how you don't have to know everything, only believe. We also talked about how it's okay to question things, because that's how this church was restored--by Joseph Smith wondering which church was true and then asking God. That's also how a lot of the revelations in D&C came about. She told us that was exactly what she needed, and that she was so greatful that we stopped by. We're gonna go by in a couple of weeks to see if we can get her and her new husband to start coming again.
I'm glad everything's okay with dad--keep me posted!
Happy Birthday to Jenni this week! I hope you're feeling well :)
Congrats to Lachelle for getting married sometime soon! I got the invitation and you guys look awesome!!
Loved the pictures :) I'm glad you had fun at Stadium of Fire. I was actually sitting outside on the fourth when I realized that you were probably there right then and got slightly sad. . . then I watched the fireworks going off everywhere and I was fine again. :)
I'm glad your lesson went well mom! I'm sure you did awesome, and it really is the best when you don't have to say much.
Tell the ward that I'm doing well, I really appreciate all the prayers.
Yeah, I got the package. Thanks for it! I'm super glad I stayed in the states too . . . it's nice to be able to run to walmart (as awful as that store is) and get things so quickly from home :)
That's about it! I love you all, hope you have an awesome week, and remember to find little was to share the gospel. You don't have to wear a nametag to be a missionary :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Wa-Fed Email!‏

Jordyn's weekely e-mail
July 1, 2013
Her first letter in her new mission
Federal Way Mission

President Eaton landed Saturday evening (so I've heard) and I'm officially in the Washington Federal Way mission. Exciting stuff! I obviously haven't met him, but I've heard rumors that we'll be meeting him sometime this week. I'll keep you posted.

Along with a new mission came a new mission president
President & Sister Eaton 
Yeah, Washington has had a "heat wave" too. Everyone here is dying because it reached 85, and it could be in the 90s today :) It is more humid here, but the members have all been cracking me up, and asking if we die during the day when we're proselyting. I tell them no because the heat makes me feel like I'm back in Utah, and then they all get this shocked look on their faces. Silly people from Washington. There has been one good thing that comes from knocking in the heat--everyone feels bad for you because it's so "hot," then we get invited in for water, and can usually get a lesson out of it.
Let's see . . . I was thinking last night about all the new things that have happened to me in the past month. I got white washed into a new area, our ward got a new bishopric, I got put into a new mission, got a new mission president, and to top it all off we got a new ward mission leader yesterday.
But I'm super excited about all of these things :) Our bishop is a lawyer so he's very efficient and likes to get things done, and the new WML is actually a convert so he's super gung-ho when it comes to missionary work. I guess he told our DL that in two weeks we won't have time to knock doors because we'll all be so busy with referrals and working with members. We'll see what happens!
So sometime in this past week (I think Tuesday)we were doing 5-7s and Sister Kartchner was being kind of a bum about it. I kept making her go, and we eventually knocked into Gramma Dawn.
We talked to her for a minute on the porch, and then she started preaching to us but it was all good things! We talked for about a half an hour, and then set up a return appointment. Holla! We went back on Thursday and taught her the plan of salvation. When we told her that we lived with God before she said that she had never heard that before. I asked her how that made her feel, and she said that it made sense, and more comforted in the fact that God really knows her, and she knew him before.
That hit me so hard. This is something that I've known my entire life. I've always known that I lived with God. But there really are people in this world who don't know these little things and I can't wait to find them and tell them!
We ran out of time so we left her with a Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation pamphlet. Sister Kartchner actually called her yesterday to see if she had a chance to read it, she said yes, and that it sounded really familiar.
Yessssss. I refuse to lose this investigator. She is going to be the best relief society teacher once she gets baptized.
Time for an awkward story?
On Wednesday we had zone meeting. Our ZLs Elder Gordon and Elder Blaney did a training on finding people and related it to how to get a girl. Already a little awkward because we're the only sisters in our zone. But before they went over the steps/analogy that they wanted to explain to us . . . they decided to do a role play. They had Elder Linford ask Elder Blaney out on a date. Ba ha ha ha! Linford kept rambling, and it was really funny to see Blaney act like a girl.
Oh, elders.
Then they sat down, and I heard Gordon call my name.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Gordon had me, the most awkward person ever, ask out Elder Casey.
I really don't think I can describe how awkward this was. The "situation" we were in was he was coming out of the gym from weightlifting, and I was about to graduate high school and I was leaving cheerleading practice . . . After probably the most awkward three minutes of my life (after I flat-out asked Gordon if we could just be done), I got a date! The last part of the conversation went something like this:
Me: Wanna . . . uh . . . go on a . . . date . . . sometime . . . ?
Casey: Uh . . . sure?
Me: . . . cool.
And then I went and sat down. We were all laughing because we all felt so uncomfortable and I got really happy right then that I can't date for another 16 and a half months. Too much pressure.
Then Gordon and Blaney went over the training, related it to missionary work, and we all had a happy zone meeting. Except for those five minutes in the middle. That was awful.
Not much else happened this week. Gramma Dawn is officially a progressing investigator, so our teaching pool is up to one!
And I almost forgot! Jeremy, Karli, five kids, lookin' good in the Ensign! And Happy Birthday to Kiana on Saturday!
Love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week
Jordyn (AKA Sister VerHoef)