Monday, May 27, 2013

First Letter from the MTC

Jordyn's weekly e-mail 
Companion :  Sister Chipman 

the famous pose at the MTC.."Ha I'm going to Tacoma, Washington folks...come along and enjoy reading about my journey!! GO Sister Missionaries!!


Not to worry, I'm alive I'm super tired, but, I'm alive.  Today was awesome!  They literally don't give you any time to miss your family but, I am thinking of you!  When I'm not learning...yeah...I've learned a lot though.  It's been way fun!

My companion is super cute.  She's from Highland.  She actually Highland.  She actually knows Dax and Lachelle and Dionne (who she calls Dee haha!) I guess she played softball with Lachelle and "Dee" did her hair and said to look out for me, and we ended up as companions! Small world after allllll!

My district is super fun, There's a guy in it who is from orem and remembers me from Jr. High but, I have have absolutely no idea who he naturally I pretended to remember him:)

Lets see, I saw a guy from my BYU Ward, my Chem 1A last semester, and someone else but, I can't remember when.

The food here is tolerable.  I'm glad I'm only eating it for 12 Days though.
I'll write you more on my P-Day, I think it's Tuesday or Wednesday.

Love you Guys!

Here is one pictures with some of her companions form the MTC..the only person I know is Sister Chipman..the tall blond next to Jordyn.. All wearing Pink this day

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